Steven Veiga, Dietitian at Kendal at Lexington, delivers nutrition nuggets that are helpful and healthy each month in the resident newsletter, “Connections.” Read July’s article below:

Last month this column focused on the 80/20 rule that “A person will see progress and have fulfillment as long as a healthy lifestyle is followed 80% of the time.” A reasonable question is what does that 80% healthy lifestyle look like when we are talking nutrition for older adults? Eating in the dining room offers choices when you consider the range of options prepared by the staff.

  • Entrée—Choose an entrée that was steamed, grilled, broiled, or roasted; try to avoid the fried, crispy, smothered, or stuffed options. Keep in mind that a ‘portion’ of meat or chicken should be about the size of a deck of playing cards or the back of your hand. Consider choosing from the Simple Eats options by the grill area and adding sauces or condiments to your liking.
  • Sides—Not every meal has to have two sides. As an alternative, choose fresh fruit from the salad area rather than the prepared veggies  ☞ at the end of the buffet. Do your best to avoid fried sides.
  • Dessert—No one likes to hear this, but you are allowed to skip dessert. Desserts taste good because they are generally high in fats and calories. Share a dessert with a tablemate or choose fresh fruit from the cart.
  • Enjoy Your Meal—Eat until you are satisfied, not full. Eating a variety of foods offers new tastes for your palate and senses. Try to keep mealtimes consistent; eating in the dining room does that for you.

The 80% healthy lifestyle fuels your body and mind with vegetables, fruits, and moderate amounts of lean protein.