Nutrition Nuggets from Kendal at Lexington

Salad bar photo from Kendal at Lexington dining.
Kendal at Lexington offers residents a variety of healthy options daily.

Steven Veiga, Dietitian at Kendal at Lexington, delivers nutrition nuggets that are helpful and healthy each month in the resident newsletter, “Connections.” Read June’s article below:

Healthy living is a significant focus for many these days. The approach I often talk about with individuals looking to improve health outcomes is the 80/20 rule. This approach to healthy living can be the key to maintaining motivation while achieving desired health goals. The 80/20 rule is that “A person will see progress and have fulfillment as long as a healthy lifestyle is followed 80% of the time.” It’s really about moderation. Enjoy food and eat things without having mortal enemies.

All food is fuel and should be consumed using moderation. Having this 80/20 mindset will do the following for general wellbeing and healthy lifestyles:

  • Increase happiness—Who isn’t happy eating what they want?!
  • Increase motivation—20% allows someone to stumble or take a detour from the plan of healthy living without being a failure.  It’s a journey, a long one at that, and isn’t over because of a bad day.
  • Increase adherence—It’s much easier to stick with something for the long-term when it’s enjoyable.
  • Decrease guilt—Peace of mind knowing that eating more unhealthy options still has a place in diets and should just be moderated.
  • Increase health—Not only will the body be fueled, and reap the benefits; so will the mind.

Again, general health is achieved by following a healthy lifestyle of balanced diet, exercise and sleep. There is a time and place for “bad” foods or relaxation in all healthy lifestyles. Having one bad day does not mean it’s time to abandon ship or that you are a failure. Chalk it up as just a bad day.  Dust it off because tomorrow is brand new. And finally, don’t beat yourself up because you had dessert.  Be deliberate in lifestyle choices and abide by the 80/20 rule.