Waitlist or Ready List. What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering a move to a continuing care retirement community such as Kendal at Lexington, getting on the waitlist is a smart move. Even if your plans are as much as 10 years or more into the future, the waitlist gives you the flexibility and options to hold your place in line until your ideal residence becomes available.

You’ll have priority over those further down the list and certainly ahead of those who are not on the waitlist at all. It allows you the option to pass on an open unit and stay on the waitlist if either timing or the unit isn’t quite right. It’s a good option for those who aren’t ready yet to move or want to plan several years ahead.

One step further is the “Ready List” for those that are two years or less away from a possible move to KaLex.

How the Ready List is Different

The ready list is a subset of those currently on the waitlist that indicate to us that they are two years or less out from a possible move to Kalex.

Like the waitlist, the date you joined gives you priority in the event your preferred cottage or apartment becomes available. Being flexible on options and timeline is important, since your place on the list can fluctuate. For example, someone who joined the waitlist before you may move to the ready list.

About 20% of our current waitlist is on the ready list for cottage and apartment types not currently open.  However, don’t be discouraged by that number. It doesn’t mean making a move like this isn’t realistic or possible, since situations continually change and some people on the list choose not to move to Kendal.

Ready Means You’ll be Ready for Our Call!

Being on the ready list means we’ll be sure to contact you directly when something we think you like becomes available.

For high demand residences, we typically give ready list members less than a week (sometimes less) to decide if they want to reserve the offered cottage or apartment before we move on to the next person on the list.

Reservation requires a 10% of entry fee deposit with a typical closing time from that point on of 60-90 days.

Being ready takes preparation, especially for a move from a long-time residence. Many residents found that starting the downsizing process well ahead of their move made for a smoother transition. They shared their tips and experiences in a resident council meeting that you can view here.

For more information on how to make moving process easier, check out these tips on what to know before moving to a continuing care retirement community, and when to get on a waitlist.

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