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What is the Happiest Age? (You Might Be Surprised by the Answer!)

What age group of adults would you think is the happiest? If most people were to guess, I’d venture to say that they’d assume people in their 20s and 30s…

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Photo of the craig's kitchen table

Ancestral Tapestry: Exploring Marise and Bill’s Historical Haven

Written By: Stef Chiguluri Walking into Craig’s cottage at Kendal at Lexington is like entering a portal into the past. One sees furniture encasing artifacts from Italy and Morocco, Oriental…

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An image showing a grandmother talking to her grandchild affectionately, expressing love and happiness in their bond.

Is Retiring Where Your Grandchildren Live a Good Move?

The lure of the long-distance grandchild: it’s a powerful draw that plays into the retirement living decisions of many seniors. But should it be the deciding factor in where you…

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Navigating Winter Weather: A Guide for Older Adults

In Virginia, we savor the advantage of experiencing all four seasons. The anticipation of snow each winter is something we relish, even though it doesn’t happen every time. At Kendal…

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Summer in Lexington

Summer has officially arrived at Kendal at Lexington. There’s no better time to explore the abundance of experiences that await you in Rockbridge County and downtown Lexington (located just one mile from the KaLex campus).…

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Moving to Kendal at Lexington: Why Sooner Is Better

Making a move to a Life Plan Community (LPC) is an important decision and the idea can sometimes be challenging to wrap your mind around. In fact, many people do…

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Understanding Long-Term Care

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?” goes the well-known Beatles song. While 64 is relatively young in today’s world of people living longer,…

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2 medium size dogs at dog park

New Dog Park Opens at Kendal at Lexington

They run, they jump, they fetch, they romp! They’re happy dogs enjoying a new dog park at Kendal at Lexington! With increased awareness in recent decades of the immense benefits…

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Smaller Living Spaces Reap Big Rewards

Moving from one’s home to a senior living community is undoubtedly one of life’s most monumental decisions…especially as many older adults reside in larger homes with a lot of space…

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