Residents enjoy active independent living with the promise of future care.

Lifecare at Kendal at Lexington

Lifecare communities offer a full continuum of care with stable monthly fees. Residents enjoy active independent living with the promise of future care through assisted living, long-term care and skilled nursing services as needed.

Lifecare is a program that allows older adults to enjoy life to its fullest knowing a safety net of care and services is in place for them and their families. It provides a financial structure which includes long-term healthcare in the form of a predictable monthly fee.

The Lifecare contract will also be referred to as a Type A or Traditional Contract. To qualify for Lifecare, you must meet certain underwriting requirements, therefore it’s important to move while one can still qualify. Once living in the community, as health needs change over time, you have priority access to long-term healthcare services with no significant change in monthly fees.

At its very core, Lifecare is based on shared risk and financial predictability. It’s a way for people without long-term care insurance to protect themselves financially. However, Lifecare is also a good decision for those who already have long-term care insurance. In fact, many communities offer discounts on the entry fees for those who have it and in many cases, long-term care policies will pay benefits directly to the holder if they are receiving care in a Lifecare community, thus covering the costs of monthly fees.

Female resident in wheelchair being assisted by health care staff member

Lifecare Agreement

With a Lifecare agreement, monthly fees do not increase due to the use of higher levels of care.

This helps in budgeting and financial planning, and it provides peace of mind for residents and their family members knowing that these future needs will be met.

Modified Lifecare Agreements also offered.

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