Written By: Margaret Skovira

Dr. Patrick Baroco
Dr. Patrick Baroco

Dr. Patrick Baroco of Premier Geriatric Solutions became the Medical Director for Borden and Webster on August 1.

Dr. Baroco received his medical education at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine and began his career with five years in the U. S. Navy stationed in Portsmouth, Virginia. His ship, the USS Tortuga, was the first ship to arrive in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and was able to provide medical services in the absence of functioning hospitals in the city, an experience Dr. Baroco found very rewarding. After his five-year tour in the Navy, Dr. Baroco’s career has included many varied experiences, among them providing home visits, nursing home care, and as a hospitalist. He describes his career as “constantly evolving.”

His philosophy of medicine is patient focused. He believes in maintaining a patient’s independence with individualized care. Borden patients may appreciate that he recognizes that more of a doctor’s time may be needed with the elderly than with younger patients. He is conscious of a tradeoff between the side effects of treatment and the lifestyle desires of a patient. He is clearly delighted with Kendal, describing it as “beautiful.”                   

Dr. Baroco’s family is happily established in Virginia. His wife, Allison, is an infectious diseases physician. Their two sons, aged fourteen and nine, are avid skiers, a sport the entire family enjoys.

We welcome the leadership of Dr. Baroco and his team from Premier Geriatric Solutions in providing clinical care for Borden and Webster residents.