Meet Adam Feldbauer: Bringing Passion and Purpose to Kendal at Lexington

Adam Feldbauer

Kendal at Lexington is delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Feldbauer as Nursing Home Administrator. Bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the senior living community, Adam joined the KaLex Core Leadership in early September and brings an impressive background in senior care and a commitment to enhancing the lives of residents.

Prior to joining Kendal at Lexington, Adam held key leadership positions in the senior living sector. He served as the Executive Director of The Summit in Lynchburg, VA, where he was responsible for overseeing the operations of Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities. His leadership skills and dedication were further exemplified when he assumed the role of CEO and Administrator at Martha Jefferson House in Charlottesville, VA. In this capacity, he managed Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Healthcare operations, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the senior care continuum.

Education has also played a crucial role in shaping Adam’s career. He earned his master’s degree in gerontology with a focus on the management of aging services from the University of Massachusetts Boston. This specialized knowledge, coupled with his bachelor’s degree in public health with a concentration in healthcare administration from Indiana University, has equipped him with the skills and insights needed to excel in his field.

When asked about his motivation in the senior living industry, Adam reiterated his dedication to residents.

“As an administrator in the senior living industry, I find my inspiration in the profound impact I can have on the lives of residents and their families,” said Adam. “The opportunity to provide compassionate care and support to those in their later years is deeply fulfilling and gives me a strong sense of purpose in my work. Knowing that I play a part in enhancing the quality of life for older adults is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, the challenges and growth opportunities in this field keep me engaged and motivated to continuously improve the services we provide. The sense of community among staff, residents and families also makes this profession truly special.”

Since his arrival at Kendal at Lexington, Adam has already found his time here to be “heartwarming.”

“I find great satisfaction in improving the quality for residents,” said Adam. “It’s heartwarming to see them happy and thriving under the care at KaLex. Ultimately, I am most looking forward to contributing to KaLex residents’ well-being as it drives my passion for this position.”

Beyond his professional life, Adam values time spent with his family. He and his wife, Kim, along with their two children, Reid (5) and Emma (2), enjoy exploring the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. To complete their family, they have two beloved fur children, Hawk and Riley Sue.

As for a fun fact about himself, Adam reveals that he possesses a unique talent—he can throw darts with both his right and left hands. It’s just another layer of the multi-faceted personality that makes Adam an invaluable addition to the KaLex team.

“The Kendal at Lexington community is thrilled to welcome Adam,” said Jan Bigelow, Kendal at Lexington’s CEO. “He is a dedicated healthcare leader with a commitment to enriching the lives of residents. His extensive experience and genuine passion make him a valuable addition to the Kendal family, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to the Kendal at Lexington community.”