Empowering Health Through Nutrition: Meet Steven Veiga

Written By: Stefanie Chiguluri
Photo of Steven Veiga holding a fruit basket.
Steven Veiga is here to support resident’s nutrition needs.

Meet Steven Veiga, a registered dietitian at Kendal at Lexington. In his role, Veiga has clinical involvement with the Borden Center, Webster Center, and Independent Living Residents.

At the Borden and Webster Centers, Veiga is primarily responsible for clinical nutrition documentation within CMS/Medicare guidelines. But Veiga is also focused on connecting with the residents he works with.

“Outside of the routine documentation, I spend time getting to know the residents’ dining preferences and routines,” he said.

Veiga makes recommendations to the doctor for weight or nutrition risks associated with conditions residents may have when they come to the Borden Center and communicates that information to the resident and family through care plan meetings.

Veiga has spent his whole 13-year career working in LifeCare communities, primarily in the clinical care area of the skilled care and assisted living areas within the communities. He got into nutrition after struggling with his weight starting in grade school.

“I tipped the scale at over 400 pounds at my heaviest and lost over 150 pounds through diet and exercise,” he said.

This led Veiga to pursue nutrition and dietetics to try to help others live healthier lives than what he had been exposed to. He attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for his Bachelor’s degree as well as his dietetic internship.

Veiga contributes in many ways to the Independent resident population at Kendal at Lexington. He works with the chefs on menu planning to make sure they do the best they can to offer nutritious options for a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of foods. He also works with the dietary staff to ensure safe food handling and sanitation. His goal is to provide the best service possible to the residents during their stay.

Veiga has given some nutrition talks that he hopes to continue offering more consistently now that he has returned here as well. And he will be contributing to the Monthly Connections Newsletter through his “Nutrition Nuggets” pieces starting in the next couple of months.

Veiga also offers one-on-one counseling sessions that can be scheduled via email or phone. He says he can offer guidance, education, and recommendations related to nutrition and diet regarding new medical conditions.

“Some conditions need medications to manage, but many issues can be managed through diet and could potentially eliminate the need for medications,” Veiga added.

Veiga can offer nutrition counseling for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight gain, weight loss, IBS, chewing and swallowing issues, and even provide feedback for any other questions.

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