Rockbridge Stories by resident Margaret Skovira

  Kendal resident Margaret Skovira continues a local history column.  She invites readers to ask a question about an event, person or place of historic interest in Rockbridge County (including…

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Getting to Know Our Webster Assisted Living Center

Terrific staff: Sybil Adams is the Resident Services Coordinator for the Webster assisted living Center. As such she is involved with the health of the residents and also works with…

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A Day in the Life - Susie

After native Texan Susie moved in July 2017 to Kendal at Lexington, she dove right into becoming a part of the Kendal community. As a retired reporter and editor, it…

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Auditing Courses at Washington & Lee University

One of the reasons that many of us decided to spend our retirement years here is KaLex’s stated commitment “to promote an environment of continuing learning.”  Our rich environment includes…

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Borden Center Upgrades Moving Along

During July and August, tours of the partially completed Borden addition gave residents, staff, and community leaders a preview of the improvements in progress.  The new enhancements are a transition…

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Who’s Who in Maintenance

To lead off, here’s a bit about Robert Ayers. He has been with KaLex for eleven years and his job title is General Maintenance.  At Rockbridge High School, he took…

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Campus-Wide WiFi progress

Work continues on the campus-wide KaLex residents WiFi system rollout.  The new system is installed and in test phase, with three or more residents having completed the initial connection in…

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Who’s Cookin’?

Jen Sobezynski is this month’s featured Kendal cook. Jen is like a fleeting sparrow, small and fast. She has helped with breakfasts while Sharon was out, but she primarily does…

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Resident Volunteers from Kendal at Lexington

Over the years, Kendal residents have regularly served as volunteers in our local community. They have found their experiences to be a way of giving back, and of sharing their…

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