Happy Spring! It’s the season of renewal and a great time to consider a lifestyle change.

Have you had the best intention to begin a fitness program? Get more sleep at night? Eat healthier? Perhaps give meditation a chance . . . for real this time? Well, we know what the saying is about good intentions! For a lifestyle change to happen, routine needs to be established that in turn forms a habit.

As the name implies, the lifestyle change should become one that lasts an individual’s lifetime.

For the next 6 weeks, the KaLex Fitness and Wellness team encourages you to explore the benefit of habits and routine with a Spring Training Challenge.

women doing tai chi

How would you evaluate your current routine?

A. I’m happy with my daily routine and want to make it even better.
B. My daily routine needs some help!
C. I’m using COVID era as a time to recreate.
D. Something else?

Spring Training Challenge!

Steps for Participation:

Write down goals for health habits you’d like to improve.

Use or create a Habit Tracker form to keep up with the habits you’ve chosen to incorporate into building your best day/week. Tracking habits keeps us focused. It gives a sense of accomplishment each day as it feels satisfying to record our successes and it’s motivating to see the progress we are making.

At the end of the challenge, use your Habit Tracker as a reference to mark off any habits on
the Spring Training form that you worked on.

By completing a health habit from each category/base (mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, wellness) you can hit a Home Run!

Cheers! Victoria Forman and Kristin McCabe Fitness & Wellness Managers