What is a Life Plan Community?

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Over the years, retirement living has undergone a change in attitude and perception. With this in mind, many in the field sought to change the term “Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)” used to identify a retirement lifestyle that focuses on an active and vibrant quality of life combined with the financial predictability of future health care.

In 2015, after a two-year process by LeadingAge’s “Project NameStorm” CCRC communities began referring to themselves as a “Life Plan Community” to better reflect both the model and the clientele. LeadingAge represents over 5,000 aging service providers, and partnered with Mather LifeWays, another senior advocacy group focused on aging services in developing a better identifier.

An Accurate Description of Life Plan Living

Over the first 15 years, Kendal at Lexington identified as the industry standard, as a CCRC. However, we’ve always had the “Life Plan” approach. We were never just a retirement or “care” home. Some residents are far from retired, either working at their career, doing consulting work, or embarking on new interests, activities, and even businesses. And while they selected Kendal for the assurance of quality care if the need arose, it was the active lifestyle they could enjoy right away that brought them here. So, in 2015 Kendal at Lexington began using the term “Life Plan Community- formerly known as a CCRC.”

With today’s senior population healthier and more active than generations past, the idea of a life plan is much more appealing and “better represents the types of living settings that encourage growth and new experiences, rather than an environment where residents are just being cared for.”

Providing a plan for the later years of life starts with the vital, active independent living community. With a structure that depends on residents to drive the interests and activities of the community, the emphasis is on quality of life both now and if future health care needs warrant.

The residents, resident council members, and Kalex staff interact in a way that highlights this concept of community and quality lifestyle. Working together on everything from on-campus communications, to dining choices, to ancillary services, the residents know they have a voice and input.

Peace of mind is one of the main draws for those who come to Kendal, and they describe it in a variety of ways, everything from less home maintenance to the assurance that there is a plan in place that alleviates the burden on family members when it comes to specialized care. 

Projections for the Next Decade

In the years ahead, the over 65 population will continue to grow, with an estimated 61 million “Boomers” by 2030. Healthier, more active, and more tech savvy than their elders, they aren’t looking for the typical rocking chair retirement.

While future healthcare is still a critical element to a smart retirement plan, selecting the right Life Plan Community for you shouldn’t be a hasty decision. We offer virtual and on-site visits, experience us “try-it” stays, Zoom and in-person events with our residents, and other information to help you discover the lifestyle and amenities here at Kendal at Lexington.

You can start with contacting our Marketing Department at (540) 463-1910 or info@kalex.kendal.org

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