Residents Weigh In – The Value of a Life Plan Community

While you may expect our website to highlight peace of mind as a benefit of living at Kendal at Lexington, hearing it from our residents may be more convincing.

During a recent resident panel Zoom gathering, residents shared why they chose a Life Plan Community as their retirement living option, and more specifically, why Kendal was the right choice for them.

What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community is often also called a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC, but they are not always one in the same. In general, it is a community with multiple levels of continuing care available, so residents can age in place on one campus. Services such as dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, and maintenance-free living are usually part of the CCRC model.

However, not all CCRCs are Life Plan Communities. Kendal at Lexington offers a Life Care agreement or contract that covers most long-term care services if a resident moves from independent living to assisted living or nursing care. That’s one aspect of the peace of mind residents agreed on.

Making Your Own Decision

“I knew that I could go from being an independent person to a very dependent person in the blink of an eye. And I did not want to have my wonderful family come rushing from their busy lives and decide what to do with me. And if I had to be put in a care facility, it may have been some place that happened to have an opening not what I would have chosen for myself,” Joe commented.

With a one-time entrance fee, and ongoing monthly fees that have tax deductibility, the Life Plan model helps residents control costs and avoid overwhelming medical expenses compared to those living independently who are suddenly faced with a medical emergency or illness.

Some residents who moved into independent living at Kendal had a spouse or partner who faced such a situation, and the Life Plan model not only allowed them to afford to stay at Kendal, it also offered the convenience of living on the same property so they could still be in close contact.

Paul shared his experience in moving into an apartment at Kendal while his partner, Loren was in Borden Center. “He was just down the hallway from me, and until he passed away about three months later, we were able to see each other every day. And since I have no children, just nieces and nephews, I know that I don’t have to rely on them to take care of Uncle Paul because Uncle Paul will have everything taken care of here.”

Options within the Life Care Plan

Kendal at Lexington offers three different plans ranging from one that gives residents an unlimited number of lifetime days of  nursing care at the same monthly fee as they would pay in their apartment or cottage.

The Life Care contract requires an entrance fee and ensures stable monthly fees regardless of care needs.

Subsequent plans have a lower entrance fee, but some limitations on care and services. However, it may be a good fit for those with other long-term care insurance coverage. Kendal at Lexington staff members can offer additional clarification and details of each option. Prospective residents can also take advantage of the financial calculator hosted on the Kendal at Lexington website.

Priority for Care

Another facet of the peace of mind residents said they enjoy is the priority admission to the excellent Borden and Webster health centers. “It helps you control over your destiny when you need it most,” added Jessica Buhler, Director of Marketing.

Lynn, one of the residents, shared how her husband had quickly moved from independent living, to assisted living and into nursing care in a short time. Along with the quality of care, she emphasized the respect and kindness shown to both she and her husband.

“It was so fast. We moved in July 2017 and he passed in February of 2019. We had the best of everything given to us. I can’t say enough about the administration or the staff or the nurses, the care takers I watched when they took care of him. When it’s my time. I want this to be right here, with all the gentleness.”

Extending Peace of Mind to Family

“When my parents moved here in 2000, they gave my brothers and me a gift because we knew that wherever we were, and we were spread all across the country, they were in good hands,” said Mary.

With family members living several states away, or in some cases, those without any close family members, Kendal at Lexington was a good fit. With activities and amenities that provide a worry-free lifestyle (with some limitations during COVID precautions) many residents feel they’ve formed a new family while living here.

Dianne, one of the longtime residents shared how the sense of community enriches the Kendal at Lexington experience. “We’re part of a community here and we share the experiences as we each go through the stages of life. That support that we get from each other, from the staff, but from each other also helps as we, our conditions may change. And I truly value that. It is enriching to live with the caring community as part of my life.”

Discover the Right Option for You

Kendal at Lexington staff and residents are ready and available to answer your questions to see if this is a good fit for you. Learn more about the benefits of a CCRC.