Kendal at Lexington's Robust Rehabilitation Services Continue to Grow

Most folks consider physical therapy as a grueling, but necessary evil after an illness, injury, or surgery. The therapy staff at Kendal at Lexington says, “Think again.”

With a focus on restoring or even improving aspects such as strength and balance, activity tolerance, cognition and fine motor coordination coupled with new facilities and ultra-modern treatment equipment, physical therapy can be a renewing of both body and mind.

Opening Soon: New Physical Therapy Gym

The final touches are being done to the new gym which will open soon, as final reviews and approvals are completed.

“The new gym looks wonderful,” said Dana Mason, Kendal at Lexington’s therapy program manager. “We’ll have a bigger space, new equipment, and private treatment rooms, which we didn’t have in the past. Kendal has been incredibly generous in supplying new equipment, such as a dynamic standing balance machine.”

While it may look like a fitness center, this facility specifically serves Kendal residents who have been referred by the medical staff for rehabilitation services following replacement surgery for knee, hip, or shoulders, stroke recovery, or other surgical recovery.

Physical Therapy Advances

New equipment will enhance the pain recovery programs, that help our residents maximize function and regain independence. Programs are individually designed to address everything from learning to manage a wheelchair, balance and vestibular therapy, to range of motion, pain management,  fall risk assessment and prevention, incontinence, and functional mobility training.

Occupational Therapy

Just like the goal of physical therapy, individual treatment plans focus on maximizing daily function, mobility, and independence. These programs often include exercises for the upper extremities, gross and fine-motor muscular re-education, and use of adaptive equipment.

Aqua Therapy

Taking to the water is ideal for arthritis or back pain sufferers, and those recovering from joint replacement surgeries. As with other Kendal therapy treatment plans, these modalities are tailored to the individual’s needs.

New Services Available On Site

Joining the therapy staff is a new full-time speech therapist who will work with residents regarding speech or memory problems and swallowing disorders.

The therapy staff also serves residents who may have a new or worsening onset of cognitive or physical impairments, or balance issue to reduce falls.

“We also work with pain management, whether it’s joint pain such as shoulders, hands, knees, or hips, and those suffering with arthritis. Our facilities, including a pool and the adaptive equipment will be especially helpful,” Mason added.

Serving More of the Kendal and Local Area Population

Previously, therapy services were limited primarily to residents of the assisted living and skilled nursing centers and some residents of independent living at Kendal. “With a bigger gym facility we’ll be able to treat outpatient needs in our community and expand services to those who are in independent living,” said Mason.

The new center is scheduled to officially open before the end of the year. The ability to welcome more outpatient clients is dependent on reopening procedures due to COVID precautions.

For more information regarding the Rehabilitation and Therapy Services at Kendal at Lexington, click here.