Should You Stay or Move? Why Aging in Place May be Better at Our Place

Photo by Resident Lad Sessions

Remove throw rugs. Install shower grab bars. While there are many checklists for do it yourselfers who want to age in place, most homes present a challenge for even the most active senior. Upkeep and expenses are one challenge. Another is accessibility. Cleaning up after a storm may be more daunting than it was in your younger years.  An elective surgery may reveal that your upstairs bedroom isn’t as functional as you once thought.

Today’s active seniors are independent and many plan to keep that lifestyle well into their later years. Many think downsizing to a smaller home is their best option. While it seems like a logical move, there are still many considerations such as maintenance, access to services, and future health care that remain in question.

A Community Designed for Quality Aging in Place

An option that continues to grow in popularity and quality is moving to a life plan community. Configured to accommodate active seniors, communities such as Kendal at Lexington offer care-free, maintenance-free living, homes and apartments designed for mobility and accessibility, and a welcoming community of active seniors enjoying a new phase of life that is anything but “slowing down.”

While design elements are incorporated for safety and function, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to a cookie cutter copy of the cottage next door. Kendal at Lexington offers more than 20 floor plans, from studio apartments to two-bedroom cottages. Many have sunrooms and garages, and residents can customize some elements.

Walking paths, a fitness center, and pool are part of the 85-acre campus, with the vibrant community of Lexington right next door, with shopping, art galleries, dining, golfing, and more.

Peace of Mind Included

With safety worries out of the way, aging in place can mean an entirely new level of freedom – whether it’s taking on a new hobby, more time to volunteer, or finally write that novel.

Residents enjoy emergency response, maintenance of individual residences, and grounds with trash and recycling pick up.

There’s no surprise roof repair or off-hours plumber fee that comes out of your pocket as there would be if you remained in your home. Many residents find that alone is an ideal benefit to living in a retirement community such as Kalex.

Future Needs Already in Place

Perhaps the best design element is the Life Plan community concept which provides peace of mind both in daily living and future healthcare needs.

Lifecare communities offer a full continuum of care with stable monthly fees. Residents enjoy active independent living with the promise of future care through assisted living, long-term care and skilled nursing services as needed.

Many of our residents are quick to mention the benefit of having a plan for future care already in place, relieving family members of the burden of decision making on health directives or becoming an improvised caregiver.

Tap into a Community of Experts

Considering a move can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to manage, whether it’s downsizing possessions or adjusting to a new community. One of the biggest benefits of life at Kendal at Lexington is the active and welcoming residents ready to share their best tips.

Residents are ready to share their experiences and advice to help prospective Kendal residents determine their best place to age in place. Contact us to arrange your virtual or in-person visit or join the Priority Waitlist