Now that small group gatherings are permitted on campus, the KaLex Public Policy Discussion Group plans to resume its pre-pandemic series of weekly meetings. 

The format of PPDG meetings will be revamped to broaden the focus of group discussions.  Instead of selecting a single topic around which to organize a multi-week series of discussions, the topic for each session will be selected by the group at the end of the previous session. The contemporary policy topics that might be explored include, but are not limited to:

  •    Rectifying serious weaknesses in the nation’s electoral laws and practices;
  •    Tackling racial and economic inequality in American society;                                        ► 
  •    Avoiding the catastrophic consequences of climate change and environmental degradation;
  •    Reforming the nation’s criminal justice system;
  •    Revitalizing the role of the United States in world affairs;
  •    Expanding access to affordable housing;
  •    Improving access to high-quality educational programs from early intervention through higher education.

Originally published in the March 2021 CONNECTIONS resident newsletter.