Wellness, Purpose, and a New Outlook for 2022 at Kendal

A new year brings time for reflection and direction. The Wellness program at Kendal at Lexington kicked off 2022 by focusing on life purpose as one of the key components of all around well-being.

Wellness isn’t just physical; it’s also related to how we feel about ourselves. Kendal residents were challenged to assess their perspectives on how they felt about their life’s purpose. While this isn’t an unusual exercise in the corporate world, it sparked some great discussion for residents in what is a new phase of life for many of them.

“That little exercise would have been easier to do in my career, it’s so easy to default to your purpose as your profession or job. As a retiree, it’s more interesting now,” said one of the respondents.

Residents were prompted via email to submit their responses anonymously. Once collected, the responses would be posted in the fitness center as part of the Wellness Wheel campaign. The various components of the wheel include safety & security, financial wellness, emotional & mental health, and purpose & spirituality just to name a few.

One of the common responses received so far was that the exercise took on new meaning now that most were retired and no longer equated their profession or career as their purpose.

“That’s the point,” according to Kristen McCabe, Health and Wellness Program Manager. “We all have a purpose, no matter the age or stage of life we’re in. Having residents think outside of what they did as a profession has been valuable. Knowing your life purpose is essential, it’s good to be thinking about it and knowing it can change. There are many reasons to get up each day, whether it’s taking care of pets, or grandchildren, or learning something new.”

Working Around the Wellness Wheel

The Health and Wellness Department’s monthly theme provides a focus for discussion and exploration in all the ways to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. October’s focus was on Contribution and Service, with the realization that helping others also improves one’s own health and well-being.

November focused on Relationships and Belonging. “Even casual friendships provide the same health benefits as our close family relationships,” said Kristen.

Wellness Wheel

“There is commonality in the health benefits of these wellness dimensions and it’s easy to see how all aspects of our health weave together and relate.”

Colder weather isn’t keeping residents from getting back into action with some of Kendal’s most popular fitness classes. Currently residents can exercise without masks and class sizes are no longer limited, thanks to the continuing cleaning protocols and distancing by the instructors.

Strength and Stretch has the largest number of participants. Some say it’s just plain fun, but it includes strength training, balance, and stretching.

Another popular class is the 30-minute Pilates class that provides plenty of challenge for those that want it, while also offering modifications to suit any participant.

As the weather warms up, Kristen says there are plans in the works for more outside activities, including last year’s popular Wiffle ball game. In the meantime, residents are pitching in to trim and clean up growth around the walking trails.

For more information on the Fitness Center, Pool, workout rooms or classes, check out our Fitness Page at https://kalex.kendal.org/category/wellness-and-fitness/.