We are happy to announce that Boxerwood Nature Center and Garden has arranged all the details for our tree-planting project for Friday, October 30.  For those who are unfamiliar, each year Kendal Charitable Funds allots a $5,000 grant to each affiliate to try some new project (within certain parameters).  This year, Kendal at Lexington proposed and was approved to plant trees – to repair the riparian buffer along Woods Creek, to help abate carbon emissions, and to beautify the area.

As it turned out, the educational outreach arm of Boxerwood Gardens had been working with 4th grade students at Waddell Elementary two years ago and had the children plant tree seeds in pots.  They were learning about the benefits provided by trees and about how to plant and nurture seedlings.  The trees are now ready and anxious to be planted, and KaLex just happens to have lots of space for them down by Woods Creek.  It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone!  The trees need a home, the water in the creek needs protection from runoff, and KaLex will have a lovely, shaded walking trail along the creek.

The trees are a mixture of native varieties.  The children will be doing the planting with help from their parents, staff from Boxerwood Gardens, and some local master gardeners.  Kendal at Lexington staff and and possibly some residents will also assist in the planting.

Please note- social distancing and COVID precautionary measures will be followed during planting.