Why You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long to Move to Kendal at Lexington

As we journey through life, one constant remains – change. Embracing change, especially when transitioning into a Life Plan Community, like Kendal at Lexington, can be a daunting decision. KaLex aims to provide older adults with a supportive and engaging environment where they can age gracefully and maintain independence. Additionally, Kendal at Lexington offers a continuum of care services, including Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care, ensuring that residents can seamlessly transition to higher levels of care if and when needed.

Sarah Giddings, a resident of Kendal at Lexington, serves as a shining example of the advantages of making the move at a younger age. She moved to Kendal 23 years ago when she was just 63 years old alongside her husband, and her story echoes the sentiments of many who have experienced the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle offered within the community.

The Gift of Time

“I have never regretted moving here younger for a minute,” said Sarah. “I was young enough and active enough to do whatever I wanted. I was the 62nd resident at Kendal at Lexington, and I was on almost all the committees.”

Sarah’s testimony underscores a crucial point: time is the most precious gift we have, and it’s a resource that should be used wisely. By moving to Kendal at Lexington earlier in life, residents have more time to enjoy the rich array of activities, amenities, and opportunities that the community provides.

Thankful to be Here

Sally Emory moved to Kendal at Lexington in 2001 at the age of 58. She and her husband closed on their home at KaLex on Thanksgiving Day. When asked about the perfect time to move to a Life Plan community like Kendal at Lexington, Sally has a quick answer.

“It is not about how old someone is, it is about how able they are. You want to move to Kendal while you are still able to participate in all the many things you can be a part of on campus and in town.”

More Time to Focus on Your Health

One of the primary benefits of moving to Kendal at Lexington at a younger age is its positive impact on your health and well-being. On any given week, you can find Sarah headed to the pool on the KaLex campus, she is an avid participant in the various fitness classes, on land and in the pool, taught by Victoria and Kristen (KaLex’s fabulous fitness instructors).

A Gift to Your Family

Choosing to move to Kendal at Lexington at a younger age can also alleviate the burden of decision-making for your loved ones in the future. By taking this step earlier, you can make choices about your living situation and healthcare that align with your wishes, providing peace of mind for both you and your family.

When asked how her children felt about her living at Kendal at Lexington, Sarah said simply enough, “This is a gift we can give to them. They love that we chose to live here.”

More Time to Focus on the Now

In life, it’s often said that “timing is everything.” When it comes to retirement living, the same adage holds true. Sarah’s and Sally’s stories are just two of many inspiring tales of residents who seized the moment and embraced the myriad of benefits that come with moving to this exceptional Life Plan Community at a younger age.

Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can start living your best life today.