Photo of Daytona Hartless
Daytona Hartless

Meet Daytona Hartless, the Director of Quality and Compliance at Kendal at Lexington. Daytona’s professional path has taken her from Valley Career and Technical Center in Fishersville, VA, where she earned her practical nursing degree, to Harrisonburg, VA, where she balanced her work at Sunnyside Retirement Community with completing a registered nursing program. After graduating, she ventured to northern Virginia, where she embraced the challenges of a surgical trauma intensive care unit at a level three trauma center. Though exciting, she ultimately decided to prioritize her family and returned to the Rockbridge area.

Daytona’s upbringing is deeply rooted in nearby Augusta County, VA, where her entire family, including her mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, and herself, proudly graduated from the same high school, Riverheads.

When she is not at work, you can often find her with Patrick, her boyfriend of four years. Together, they share a love for adventure and exploration. Whether sailing out on the boat, casting lines for fishing, sampling cuisine at new restaurants, discovering different places, immersing in live concerts, or simply enjoying a cozy movie night, Daytona and Patrick love spending time together.

Daytona turns to her favorite stress-relief activities when the workday takes its toll. She finds solace in the pages of a good book or the soothing words of a podcast. If she’s seeking lively diversion, her niece and nephews, aged 7, 5, and 3, are her trusted companions and fully capable of keeping her entertained for hours.

Beyond her professional role, Daytona harbors a hidden talent—crocheting. What began as a spontaneous decision one day has transformed into a skill that enables her to craft an entire blanket in just one day.

Daytona takes a moment for a thoughtful response when asked a silly question. When asked if she could dine with any historical figure, she said Florence Nightingale. Daytona said that her conversation with the legendary nurse would delve into the evolution of nursing, contrasting its practices then and now while uncovering the enduring elements of this noble profession.

In the realm of adventure, Daytona recently braved the heights of ziplining near the majestic Niagara Falls. Looking ahead, she dreams of embarking on an ambitious month-long backpacking journey through Europe, igniting her spirit of exploration.

Amid her many interests, Daytona’s passion for baking shines. She’s known for her delectable creations, from cakes and cupcakes to cookies. Recently, she even mastered the art of crafting a delicious pumpkin roll.

With her commitment to quality and compliance, combined with her zest for life, Daytona is a valued member of the Kendal at Lexington community, positively impacting both her colleagues and residents alike.