Kendal Values: The Foundation of Our Mission and Community

Healthy living, active aging and continuing contributions to community life are just some of the aspects of living at Kendal at Lexington that make it such a desirable and thriving retirement community.

At the bedrock of Kendal’s philosophy is its commitment to foster a sense of community, treating each person as a valued individual in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. Kendal communities welcome all people without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

How Our Values Serve Our Residents

Kendal at Lexington, a not-for-profit Life Plan Community, provides lifetime housing and care for active adults, as well as those in need of assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing care. One of the core beliefs is that those in the later stages of life can still experience new opportunities for growth and development despite challenges that may bring some loss of independence.

Residents benefit from wellness programs and care aimed at empowering them to maintain as much independence, autonomy and decision-making about their own care as possible. We focus on abilities, not disabilities.

Physical wellness is just one area of Kendal’s focus. Social interaction and sense of community are also important contributors to a healthy quality of life. Even while living with restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, residents and staff are still connected thanks to technology that keeps community members in touch and engaged.

Opportunities for learning, cultural activities and self-expression are necessities for people, regardless of age. With a resident-driven community model, residents help arrange activities and learning opportunities for themselves, rather than having them planned for them. It’s just another way of recognizing the value of each resident’s unique experiences, skills and interests.

Kendal communities strive to create and support an environment that is welcoming to all cultures, backgrounds and differences—an environment that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation and teamwork.

Reflecting Our Values to the World

Kendal values don’t just extend inward. Kendal at Lexington and other Kendal communities also are focused on being a positive force to their neighboring communities by sharing resources, knowledge and facilities whenever possible. Interaction and collaboration with Kendal residents (pre-COVID) through volunteer programs and community involvement further enriches the social and emotional wellness aspect.

Kendal communities also are committed to the appropriate use and conservation of the Earth’s resources. We support sustainability, including energy conservation, and strive to conduct our activities in an ecologically sound and socially responsible manner.

Prudent and responsible financial management is also at the forefront of our operations. Resident council members are included in planning, forecasting and review. Transparency and open discussion benefit both staff and residents.

Wellness for Life

Kendal’s mission of care is especially evident in our philosophy on aging. We encourage wellness for all community members. Our goal is for each person to live as full and fulfilling a life as possible. Fitness facilities are available to all community members, and residents are encouraged to learn what options are available to them for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of health and well-being.

In caring for those declining physically or cognitively, we emphasis the need to respect the dignity and worth of each person, regardless of their condition. We encourage residents to navigate these stages of life by focusing on abilities, rather than limitations.

Finally, Kendal places a high priority on maintaining the dignity of those at the end of life. In our approach, death is treated as a normal part of the aging process. That includes respecting the right of self-determination for residents and their families.

As Kendal staff continue to develop better ways to serve the needs of older adults, we also are eager to share model practices that can benefit those outside our community and improve the wellness and quality of life of all individuals. Collaboration and exploration of model practices are key to continual improvement for all.

With the Quaker values of equality, peace, simplicity, integrity, and community as our guideposts, Kendal at Lexington will continue to strive for providing the best care and community model possible.

For a full copy of Kendal’s Values and Practices booklet, click HERE.