There’s a new “resident” on campus and her name is CATIE. It is the goal of staff and resident association members that everyone meets CATIE and makes her part of their life.

Really, though, CATIE is not a new resident. CATIE stands for Communication and Access To Information Everywhere. It is an exclusive community web portal that has launched to give staff and residents a quick and easy communication channel through their computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Quality Communication and Connection for Kendal at Lexington Residents

Keeping everyone connected is a prime goal of Kendal at Lexington. Previously done through newsletters, gatherings, and notices delivered directly to residents, things changed with COVID-19. These previously successful methods needed to be reconfigured so that sense of connection remained intact and residents were well informed.

Plans were underway to find a better campus communication system prior to COVID-19, but the sudden changes in social distancing and precautionary protocol lit a fire under the issue.

Just for added interest, Kendal at Lexington was in the midst of a changeover in leadership, with outgoing CEO Mina Tepper turning over the reins to Jan Bigelow. To further complicate efforts, the main IT position was also vacant.

That is when the talented and dedicated members of the residence association took on the challenge to take this project off the plate of over-tasked staff members who were needing to direct their attention to other COVID related tasks.

Fortunately, the solution was available from a service provider already connected to Kendal at Lexington.

CATIE Web Now Available at Kendal

John South, a member of the steering committee who spearheaded the project, says the early stages of CATIE Web are appreciated by those residents who have already logged on.

“It’s important to note that this isn’t a web site, it’s a web portal, so it’s password protected, and it is information that only our residents and staff can access,” he explained. Residents will create their own log in and password.

South notes that there are a few residents that are not comfortable with a lot of computer usage, but the resident’s association members are available to assist them in navigating the log in and accessing information. “With social distancing, of course,” South added. Residents may also learn more about CATIE Web through a video tutorial South created and will provide to those who request it.

Currently residents can access past issues of the community newsletter “Connections”, announcements, videos, a directory of residents, and the latest information related to restrictions due to COVID. The directory is beneficial for both staff and residents since names and photos are available. “This way everyone will know who they are talking to,” said South, “especially since much of our current communication is by phone.”

As more features are rolled out, residents will be able to access menus, make dinner reservations (when the restaurant is reopened), and as events allow, sign ups for trips and classes.