Kendal at Lexington Overcame Pandemic Distancing With Technology

In a community that enjoyed numerous weekly events, both on campus and within the community, the sudden need for isolation and social distancing initially seemed bleak. However, Kendal at Lexington, residents, staff and those considering making KaLex their home overcame this challenge in part by heartily embracing the digital world over the past year.

Residents and staff quickly put technology into high gear –  with great results.

First, internal communications got a boost through a resident portal “CATIE” which stands for Communication and Access To Information Everywhere. While printed newsletters and community meetings were previously the main source of information, CATIE connected residents and staff so that real-time updates, announcements, and online events were readily accessible.

Zooming Along: Staying Connected to Prospective Residents

Prior to COVID restrictions, prospective residents were able to visit the campus in person, meet with residents and experience all that Kendal has to offer. Since precautions against COVID-19 limited our ability to host on-campus tours and visits, the community quickly pivoted to using Zoom to host panels discussion and tours that prospective residents could participate in to learn more about and “experience” the community they are contemplating making their new home.

One of the first Zoom events featured a panel of residents who discussed the peace of mind that comes with living in a life plan community, and Kendal at Lexington specifically.  

Residents shared how their family members had the peace of mind knowing their loved ones were living in a community that provided not only socialization but support and eventual care if needed.

The residents felt KaLex’s protocols and safety measures were also a comforting factor in what might have been a frightening time had they still been living alone.

Talk also turned to the other perks of the Lexington area, including nearby parks, nature areas, golf and the nearby colleges, art galleries, and shops which offered something for everyone – (when appropriately distanced.)

Residents also shared the campus favorites, including walking trails, fitness center, pool, and restaurant. These amenities were highlighted again in following Zoom meetings.

Sharing Experiences in Moving

In July, the resident panel tackled the overwhelming subject of downsizing.

Whether it was managing the emotional and mental aspect of parting with treasured items or just the sheer undertaking of sorting, selling, and moving, residents candidly shared their experiences. Not every move was smooth and some shared challenges ranging from packing up fragile items DIY style, to disappointing selling prices on valuable items. However, everyone agreed that despite any challenges in making the move to Kendal, they made the right choice.

In October, talk turned to the creative ways residents and staff had been weathering the pandemic. Certainly, Zoom meetings were one important aspect, but some restrictions had been relaxed a bit, so outside fitness classes, access to the fitness center, and other distanced-social activities were starting up.

Kendal at Lexington has the advantage of beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, so the walking trails are popular for walking and safely talking with neighbors. Pets were also a big part of staying active and social. One resident commented that it was a great icebreaker to get out and walk her dog and chat with others on the trail.

Technology is Part of Life at Kendal

It’s been nearly a year since word of a contagious virus brought a sudden stop to the active lifestyles of Kendal at Lexington residents, but they are quick to point out that they found a variety of ways to stay active and engaged. As restrictions relax, residents receive the vaccine, and more in-person activities can be added to the calendar, the surge in technology use isn’t going away.

According to Jessica Buhler, Director of Marketing for Kendal at Lexington, Zoom will continue to be part of KaLex’s lexicon. “Even as the campus opens to onsite events and gatherings again, we will continue to use Zoom as an important tool for staying connected to those who are contemplating making KaLex their home. Our participation in events was actually 10% higher this year when compared to last year’s onsite only events.”

Get Connected

Watch recordings of all six 2020 panels by vising our YouTube page. Announcements for the next online panels are posted on our Events page. We invite you to join us and see what the buzz is all about.

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