A Day in the Life - Kay Quirk

Kay and Missy on a walk

Kay Quirk moved into her 1 bedroom apartment at Kendal at Lexington from Alexandria, VA in June 2016 after spending about 5 years on the Priority Wait List. Kay and her dog, Missy, enjoy their apartment’s patio on the courtyard and its convenience to dining and other amenities. Kay had knee replacement surgery about a year after moving in, so her current daily routine reflects her life as she enjoys being able to rehabilitate her knee without leaving the Kendal campus. She is very grateful for her new community of KaLex residents who have supported her throughout her rehab.

What does a typical day look like for Kay?

7 a.m.: Kay watches the news and usually another program or two that she has taped the night before. Missy eagerly awaits the arrival of Kay’s friend, Diane, who volunteered to give Missy two good walks a day while Kay recuperates. Kay and Missy are both very grateful!

Mid-morning: Kay meets her physical therapist at the Fitness Center for aqua therapy sessions several days a week. She hopes to get back to her regular aquatic classes soon—she’s a devotee of those and goes to as many as five a week. She also spends time previewing movies. Kay is on the Culture & Entertainment (C&E) Committee and volunteered to be the resident who selects movies for the twice weekly showings in Kendal Hall. Kay also writes a column for the resident newsletter entitled “Missy’s Musings” in which Missy “interviews” other dogs on campus, especially new four legged residents.

Lunch: Kay often goes to the Dining Room for one of the day’s two homemade soup selections. Summer time means tomato sandwiches with tomatoes purchased at the local farm stand or the weekly farmer’s market. If it’s Sunday, she often has her adopted Virginia Military Institute “Rat” with her. Providing a big Sunday lunch and a sofa to take a nap is a gift that many Lexingtonians give to the first year VMI cadets (the “Rats”) and has been a great experience for Kay as she gets to know Lexington.

Afternoon: Kay likes to relax in the afternoons, taking a nap and checking Facebook. It’s been a good way for her to stay in touch with her friends from Alexandria. Sometimes the afternoons will involve a medical appointment. Kay feels blessed by the support given by many of her new KaLex friends, who have accompanied her to the hospital for surgery, driven her to appointments, visited, and of course, cared for Missy. She even took a resident who is a retired nurse along to her pre-surgical appointment to have another set of ears to listen to the instructions.

Evening: Kay typically eats dinner in the Dining Room. She prefers to sit with a variety of people rather than eating with the same people every day so that she continues to get to know more residents. She also goes to the fine dining Restaurant several times a month with friends. Sometimes, she stays in for dinner and especially enjoys grilling on her patio. She has also explored local restaurants, especially with outings arranged by the C&E committee. If there isn’t a movie, concert, lecture or another event, she spends the evening with Missy.