Summer Student Interns Assist the Kalex Community

There are two new faces around Kendal at Lexington. Abigail Floyd and Alex Milanese are completing summer college internships here, and we are so happy they are here.


Abigail is a local Rockbridge County resident attending Longwood University. She is studying Recreational Therapy and has been fully immersed in her role at the Borden Center at Kendal at Lexington, planning the calendar for programs and working with staff on admission care plan development.


Abby is also working on a special project creating improved activities assessments to better understand what appeals to residents when it comes to programs and activities

She says she loves the idea of working in an environment where she can help improve a resident’s quality of life, and especially enjoys the atmosphere at Kendal. “I love how beautiful it is, how inviting the staff are, and how the residents have a sense of community and a “place”. They’re not just someone staying here, they become a family here.”

Whether she is busy with side projects such as decorating the hallways and common areas, making flower arrangements, or adding new books and puzzles to draw residents out into the common areas, she enjoys getting to know the residents and spending time with them. One favorite is doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles with residents, which makes for an easy way to get better acquainted.

“No day is too hard. Everyone is kind and nice,” she said.

Thank you. Abigail!


Alex hails from nearby Buena Vista and is entering his junior year at James Madison University.


Working in the IT department, he is putting his Computer Science education through the paces, doing everything from trouble-shooting connectivity issues to assisting residents with passwords and logins.

Already busy working in the community, Alex heard that Kendal was short on IT department manpower and was able to fulfill his internship requirements while giving a hand to the department.

Kendal residents range from extremely tech savvy to infrequent users, but he finds all are extremely appreciative for his help. “It makes me happy when residents are blown away by what I can do. They are grateful for what I can provide,” he said.

Staff members are equally grateful for the assistance, whether it’s restoring a connection or solving those elusive glitches that can quickly derail a day’s work.

Thank you, Alex!