Independent Living Cottages and Apartments

Kendal at Lexington’s freestanding cottages range in size from 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet. “Cluster” Cottages (shared wall) range from 795 square fete to 1600 square feet.  Apartments range in size from 550 square feet to 1725 square feet.

Campus Amenities

Kendal at Lexington offers a modern fitness center, two dining areas, walking trails, bus transportation, a large library and much more.


Historic Lexington, VA

Lexington, VA is the perfect place to retire. Enjoy the relaxed pace of small town life coupled with the cultural opportunities of a college town.


Butterflies of Kendal

The rolling landscape of Kendal’s campus is home to wildlife, flowers and mature trees. Kendal resident, Gene Shelar, takes amazing photos of the butterflies that can be found on our 85-acre campus.


Nature and Flowers of Kendal

Residents participate in ongoing Kendal at Lexington photography classes and often capture the beauty and action on campus. Kendal resident, Patricia MacDonald Irons, takes spectacular photos of flowers and nature, shown here.


Sunsets of Kendal at Lexington

Sunset photos taken by resident Tom Hasselman in January.


People of Kendal at Lexington

 Photos of residents enjoying typical activities.