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“In order for Kendal at Lexington to be a great place to live, it has to be a great place to work, and vice-versa,” said Kendal at Lexington director of human resources Megan Whorley. “It is truly reciprocal.”

These are not just the words of a single enthusiastic employee.

A Way of Life

This is a living, breathing testament to an entire way of being, exhibited daily by staff and residents alike and deeply rooted in long-held Kendal values and practices.

As an organization, core Kendal values help guide the decisions made to benefit all who live and work here, the greater community, society as a whole, and even our planet. “SPICES”, the Quaker principles of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship, influence the operations and daily life of the community.

“Our values shape the outcomes of the work we do every day,” said Megan. “We want our employees to come to work, love the work they do, take excellent care of our residents, and feel a sense of purpose in every interaction they have with residents and other staff members.”

You Can Feel It in the Building

The Kendal culture is palpable, according to marketing associate Kevan Kavanaugh, a former executive in the cutthroat radio business.

“You can feel it in the hallways. The way staff and residents relate to one another is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” Plus, he notes, “As employees, we need to remember we’re coming to work in people’s homes. It’s a different way of thinking about where you are and what you do.”

Our mission is to have happy residents and staff, “ Megan said.

Happy Residents

To best serve residents, Kendal at Lexington seeks talented, compassionate employees with a positive attitude and a passion for caring for seniors. Remarked Kevan, “We are responsible for transforming the experience of aging.”

Part of this is celebrating all that the experienced and inspired residents bring to the community.  The culture of resident-driven activity at Kendal reflects nearly all of the Kendal values, particularly continuing learning and growth, taking responsibility in the community, striving for excellence in management and governance, and valuing participation.

Happy Staff

Staff satisfaction, another key Kendal tenet, is also paramount.

Said Megan, “Our primary goals are to create a more positive work environment and increase retention of valued current staff members.”

Commitment to staff happiness was recently demonstrated in a hugely successful “Shark Tank” competition that awarded funds to staff members’ winning ideas on improving the employee experience. In addition, according to Megan, there are many other exciting initiatives on the horizon to boost staff satisfaction.

A Beautiful Union

Megan added, “We are all working in unison toward the same greater purpose and common goal every day. It is a very beautiful thing!”