Kendal’s Fitness & Wellness Experts

Kendal at Lexington has a comprehensive Fitness Center
that offers a multitude of fitness and wellness activities for
residents, priority waitlist members, and staff. Facilities
include a group fitness room, weight room, massage
room, locker room, and indoor pool. Fitness programs
are designed to accommodate the abilities of all KaLex
residents. Two full-time staff members take care of the
area and develop programming and KaLex also contracts
services such as yoga, tai chi, and massage therapy
through vendors in the local community.

As Health and Fitness Program Manager, Jason Bunn
oversees operations within the Fitness Center itself. His
responsibilities include class scheduling, coordinating
maintenance and housekeeping requests, and instructing
residents on proper equipment use. He is a Certified Pool
Operator, a Senior Fitness Specialist, and a Registered
Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Jason enjoys working
with residents on their fitness goals and has expertise in
working with many chronic conditions.

Jason’s favorite part about working at Kendal is the
personal connections that he forms with residents. He
said, “There is one resident in particular who really
connected with me from the very beginning.” They were
forever discussing sports, golf in particular, before and
after classes. This resident had a firm belief that exercise,
in particular the classes here at Kendal, kept him moving
more and stronger than he otherwise would have been.
As this resident had more and more health concerns,
and his abilities were limited by things out of his control,
Jason could always find a smile if he asked about that
time he played at Augusta. He would give a big smile and
tell Jason how scared he was
when he took a huge divot out
of the fairway on number one.

“This resident
helped me become comfortable at Kendal, and made
me realize there are connections to be made with each
individual here.”

Some of Kendal’s health and wellness programs are
held outside of the weight room and fitness center within
the residential community. Catie King, Health & Wellness
Program Manager, facilitates many of these innovative
programs. Vitalize 360 is a program that encompasses a
personal view of the word “well-being.” The program
is designed to help make the shift from “what’s the
matter” to “what matters most.”

Another tool Kendal offers is the Chronic Disease
Self-Management Program, CDSMP, in which
residents learn a large range of skillsets in managing
any type of chronic condition(s).
Wellness goes beyond the health of the body, it also
focuses on a healthy mind. Kendal offers weekly
classes to do brain teasers, have discussions with likeminded
folks, and relax the body/mind in a meditative
way through guided imagery. If you are searching for
something therapeutic for your muscles, joints, or all
together balance, Kendal offers home exercise routines
as well as the many classes within our fitness center. The
dedicated staff strives to provide something specific for
everyone’s needs.