Moving to Kendal at Lexington is a Great Decision Anytime

The uncertainties of a global pandemic didn’t stop some of our newest Kendal residents from making their move in 2021. Couples Christine and Michael Burch, Dennis and Ginna Cropper, and Jim and Pam Adams shared their experiences in a recent Resident Panel Zoom Event.

Why They Chose to Move in 2021

Christine and Michael, avid travelers and busy couple who had lived on Capital Hill for 50 years, suddenly found themselves with time to reflect on their next move. Already familiar with the Lexington area, they knew about Kendal and were on the waiting list when they got the call that a cottage that checked all their boxes would be coming available.

“We wanted to decide while we were still active,” said Michael. “We didn’t want to end up somewhere by chance.”

Jim and Pam shared that same philosophy. “We wanted to decide for ourselves, and we look at it as a gift to our children, that we won’t be a burden to them,” said Jim.

Kendal at Lexington is a Life Plan Community (CCRC), which offers residents independent residential living plus long-term care centers all on one campus. Residents know when they choose to live at Kendal that they have future care needs already secured.

What is the Cottage or Apartment Design Process Like?

The Kendal Campus offers 150 independent living residences, with 95 cottages and 55 apartments. Over 25 different floor plans range in size from a 550 sq ft studio apartment to a 2000 sq ft cottage with a basement, sunroom, and garage.

Ginna and Dennis moved into Sunrise Ridge Circle, the site of 30 newly constructed cottages. “The idea of something new was enticing. It was everything we wanted,” said Dennis. Although he admits he thought he wanted a 2-car garage, a single car garage has worked out well, even though there are still some boxes to sort through from their move last fall.

Before a new resident moves into their apartment or cottage, they can select upgrades or renovations such as countertops, flooring, or even changes to the layout.

Christine and Michael are self-proclaimed foodies and enjoy their newly renovated kitchen. Adding a gas fireplace makes it feel like home, according to Christine.

Jim and Pam chose one of the largest apartments. Rather than anticipating a move from cottage to apartment at some point in the future, they decided to “cut out that step” and are happy with their roomy unit. With renovations, Pam says “they tore out a lot of things and made it the way we wanted.” They also enjoy the fact that the apartment is so close to all the amenities on Kendal’s campus.

Do as Much or as Little as You Want on Campus or in the Community

Everyone’s idea of staying active varies, but all the couples agreed there is plenty to do both on the Kendal grounds as well as the surrounding community. Whether it’s joining one of the resident committees like horticulture, participation on the board finance committee, volunteering for local non-profits, enjoying the fitness center while learning to swim for the first time or participating in interest groups like the policy discussion group, the variety of options appealed to all the new residents.

“You can adapt to your own liking,” said Michael, who enjoys gardening in his yard and says it has given him a great way to meet many of his neighbors and residents who stop by and chat while taking a walk around the trails on campus.

Ginna agreed, saying that there’s no activities director pushing residents to get involved. “It’s all driven by the residents, there’s a vast number of ways to be involved.”

“Kendal is good for all personalities, you can do it at your own pace,” added Christine. “It depends on the person, some join eight committees right away, others do nothing, and both are happy.”

Ideas For Others Transitioning into Kendal Community Life

Whether your plans are to move to a CCRC in 10 years or 10 months, getting on the waitlist should be your first action. Being on the Kendal waitlist doesn’t mean you have to take a residence if one becomes available and opting not to take that cottage or apartment does not put you back at the bottom of the waitlist.

As for advice on downsizing, moving, and getting acclimated to life at Kendal, all the couples said, “Just ask.”  “The staff and residents were all so helpful,” said Ginna. “Folks are happy to let you in their apartment or cottage so you can get ideas.”

Despite the physical aspect of packing and moving, which Jim joked was “terrible.” He added that making the move was the right decision. “Once you can say that- it’s easy.”

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