Message from CEO, Jan Bigelow - Seasons Come and Seasons Go

February 2022

As I sit here looking out my window on a cold February morning, I realize that the snow will be melted by the time you are reading this.  Most will breathe a sigh of relief that winter is nearing its end and spring is around the corner.  (As many of you know, I love the winter weather, and I thank you for enduring it so that I can enjoy it.)  And as the seasons pass by, we are invited to ponder what is next, not only for ourselves, but for our Kendal at Lexington community.

Although COVID  continues to rear its ugly head, we are learning to live with it.  Despite the setbacks of COVID, staffing challenges, and the ever-changing guidelines, the KaLex team had a successful 2021.  Our achievements include:

  • the stabilization of the Borden/Webster management team;
  • successful Borden/Webster surveys;
  • COVID vaccine and booster clinics for staff and residents;
  • the creation and distribution of the first Impact Community Report;
  • partnerships formed and strengthened with W&L, SVU, Dabney CC, Rockbridge Area HS, Rockbridge Area Health Center, Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital, RATS, VPAS, VA DOH, and downtown Lexington;
  • completion of the 3North land use master plan;
  • selection of a new rehab partner—Functional Pathways
  • recruitment and retention efforts—increasing minimum wage, addressing wage compression, and enhancing the benefit package;
  • creation of a three-year capital budget plan for 2022;
  • positive 2021 financial results;
  • IT stabilization rollout of year-1 goals;
  • Strategic Plan goals met and moving forward;
  • sale of our Rebel Ridge property; and
  • a steady re-opening of our campus through collaborative efforts of the Stepping Out Committee.

I am proud of the hard work and the dedication our team exhibited over the past year!        

A new season brings with it new goals.  Our goals for 2022 include:

  • adopt a new Kendal Corporation affiliate agreement;
  • create a strong partnership with Functional Pathways for both inpatient and outpatient therapy services;
  • enhance care options for all residents by initiating and developing campus health services in our clinic;
  • assess the feasibility of implementing a full strategic initiative regarding dementia care;
  • complete the IT stabilization plan year-2 goals;
  • work with the Strategic Planning Committee and task forces to complete year-2 goals and identify other strategic opportunities and needs;
  • meet budgeted financial goals and bond covenants;
  • prepare for our every-five-year CARF reaccreditation (in 2023);
  • provide structured leadership development and training for directors/managers;
  • continue to enhance our work culture, our recruiting efforts, and to reduce turnover on our campus;
  • partner with residents to bring our 3North master plan to life; and
  • continue to enhance our KaLex connections to the broader community.

These goals, along with other projects, will surely keep us all quite busy for the four seasons of 2022!

Thank you to our wonderful residents, our devoted staff members, and our outstanding Board of Directors for all these accomplishments, and for your engagement as we move forward in such uncertain times.  Your perseverance, courage, and dedication to Kendal at Lexington is what makes it a great place to live and work.  Let’s all enjoy the new season that is upon us!

– – Jan Bigelow, CEO (Originally published in the resident newsletter- Connections March 2022)