What’s the best age to move into Kendal at Lexington?

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When contemplating moving to a Life Plan Community (also known as a CCRC) like Kendal at Lexington, one of the questions many folks ask is, “What’s the right age to move here?”

We decided to ask some of our current residents why they chose to move here when they did.


Sandra Blanton moved into her Kendal at Lexington cluster cottage in 2005 when she was 65. Sandra was originally from North Carolina but had lived and worked in New York City for 40 years.

She was familiar with Lexington and the Shenandoah valley from her years of driving from New York to North Carolina to visit family, and said she loved the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains.

“Many people said, ‘Oh no, you’re too young to live in a retirement community,’” according to Sandra.  “I told them I’m giving myself a life insurance policy.  I can live independently for as long as possible but know that more care is available when I need it.”

What’s the right age to move here?

“It’s such an individual thing for everyone,” Sandra said.  “I urge people not to wait until they have to go to assisted living because they’ll miss out on everything they could get here.  I advise moving here as soon as they can, physically and financially.”

Bruce and Linda

Bruce and Linda Dwyerwere 76 when they moved into their Kendal at Lexington duplex on Sunrise Ridge Circle from Alexandria, Virginia, in 2020.  Bruce says it was a postcard showing the Kendal at Lexington campus and the surrounding mountains that lured them from northern Virginia.

Their “Try-It” visit in 2016 convinced them this was the place they wanted to live, but not for a few years.  “We said- call us in 5 years or so,” said Bruce.  “But then Sunrise Ridge Circle was announced in 2017.  We were younger than we originally planned, but we liked the plans for new cottages on the ridge.”

Linda says, “We’re glad we came when we did.  Moving in a little younger made getting involved in a community we didn’t know easier.”

What’s the right age to move here?

“It depends on where you are in your life station,” said Bruce.  “The earlier, the more likely you are to get involved in more activities.”

“Everybody’s going to be different,” said Linda.

Fran and Jim

Fran and Jim Naylorwere 76 and 81 when they moved into their Kendal at Lexington apartment in 2019.  “It was time to downsize and free our children from being responsible for our future care needs,” said the Naylor’s.

When asked if they had any words of advice to offer folks trying to decide when and if to move to Kendal at Lexington, Fran said, “The sooner, the better to take advantage of all the activities and friendships available at Kendal.”

What’s the right age to move here?

“You will know when you are ready,” said Jim.


Peter Clepperwas 89 when he moved to Kendal at Lexington from Bethesda, Maryland, in 2020.  Peter’s daughter lives at Smith Mountain Lake, and he wanted to live closer to her – and he had known about the Kendal communities from a friend who lives at the Kendal in Ohio.

“Residents are always treated like adults,” Peter said, “and I appreciate that very much.”

What’s the right age to move here?

“That’s a very personal, very individual decision,” said Peter.  “I probably came a little later than I should have.”

Advantages at Many Ages

In 2021, the average age at move-in was 75, and the average age for all residential living was 82.