Recently a small group of residents were asked questions on a Zoom presentation for prospective new residents about entering a place like Kendal at Lexington as a single person.  All voiced that the community was welcoming and was well matched to their needs and desires. Many suggested that there wasn’t much to comment on being a single person at Kendal at Lexington that would defer from if they were part of a couple.  Responses were connected by repeating themes such as connectedness, beauty, convenience, and care.

Why did you decide to come to Kendal?

Reasons cited for moving to Kendal included filling the “hole” left in her home when her husband died, being closer to family, appreciating the beauty and convenience of Lexington and the surrounding area (avoiding traffic!), and knowing the great reputation of Kendal communities and how welcoming they are. Another response repeated by the participants was the  aspect of continuing care and taking that burden of responsibility off their children.  Worries about isolation for those from rural areas and fighting traffic, noise, and congestion for those from large metropolitan areas also prompted a move to the lovely small town of Lexington and Kendal.  Big enough to provide what you need, small enough to be easy to access . . . just right, as Goldilocks says.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in making your move?

There was NO DOUBT about the biggest challenge in making the move:  downsizing!  One participant recommended a very thorough approach:  drawing your new quarters on graph paper and placing furniture on it until you can see what will fit and what won’t.  “It makes it easier if you dispose of the excess “stuff” before moving,” she said.  Offering those excess items to friends and relatives or donating them to a charity provides an opportunity for your treasures to live on – to be useful and enjoyed by someone else.  And you don’t have to clean them or store them or dust them or whatever – freeing you to truly enjoy those items you kept!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Typical days were as varied as the respondents but included serving on the many committees and interest groups here on campus, exercising (activities in the fitness center and in the local community), volunteering in the greater community, attending cultural events, reading, interacting with new and old friends.  Other activities mentioned included golfing at the local country club, playing duplicate bridge, doing historical research, and pickleball.  You name it, you can probably find it here – and if you can’t, then you can start your own group.  One resident said he is finally taking the time to organize all of his old photos and slides.  What a project!

Any advice for those considering moving here?

If you are considering a move to a life plan community, these residents encourage you to think seriously about the decision, but don’t wait too long.  Because there are a variety of housing options, consider the pros and cons of apartment vs cluster cottage vs cottage living and find the one that best meets your needs.  And they all agreed:  if an opening comes up for the type of unit you desire . . . take it! 

One resident summed it up best by saying that she had seen friends wait too long before moving so that they were unable to take advantage of the many opportunities and activities provided at a continuing care life plan community.  “If I knew then what I know now, I would have moved sooner!”  seems to be the most frequent comment from residents

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