Wellness - Physical Elements That Keep Us Healthy

Wellness has many dimensions and I plan to discuss the physical elements that keep us healthy.  Those factors, first and foremost, are a balanced diet (which we are fortunate to have provided by dining services), proper sleep, eliminating/monitoring unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking and alcohol), and recognizing the need for physical activity.  It is important, too, to have regular check-ups with your primary care physician and follow medical recommendations.

Physical health does mean activity and exercise. 

The heart, lungs, and brain – the engines that run us – are enhanced by the physical activities available to all of us.  We make decisions as to how, and by what methods, to sustain and increase those activities.  Our KaLex environment provides many choices.  Walking – inside or outside, fast or slow, vigorous or lollygagging – is exercise that we can make enjoyable as well as beneficial.  We have our Fitness Center with a room full of various machines to explore.  Residents can work individually or in a class setting.  Strength and Stretch classes offer opportunity for strength training, balance, and stretching (i.e. using all parts of your body) in a social setting that is just plain fun!  For those who find the offered yoga classes a little beyond them, chair yoga still melds the physical and the mental.  All of this works to strengthen the core, and that importance cannot be overemphasized.  Abdominal strength keeps us upright and moving forward, which is what our physical health is all about.  The point is, we have it all available here in our KaLex Fitness Center.

Swimming is the exercise chosen by many, and our pool, with a variety of classes there, more than fills the bill.  From Aqua Aerobics to  Aqua Strength & Stretch, there is opportunity to enjoy classes in the pool.  And there is also a lap lane for those who have a different set of goals.  The results that can be gained in the General Fitness Room are also readily available in the pool with the comforting cushion of water.

So, there you have it.  Eat a balanced, nutritious diet; get enough sleep; factor some sort of exercise into your daily schedule; and have regular medical checkups.  The physical dimension of wellness is key to independent living, and our capacity to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life.  I urge you to incorporate all those elements into your daily living – you’ll be glad you did!

– – by Resident Penny Henneman (for the Wellness Committee) for CONNECTIONS

Penny Exercising