Moving In – The Medical Review Process

July 17, 2020

Moving into a Life Plan Community (or CCRC) is a major decision. Leaving your family home and familiar ties can be a huge adjustment, even with the excitement and anticipation of beginning a new chapter in life. Communities like Kendal at Lexington are attractive living options for many, offering activities and services that add enjoyment and support health and wellness while easing concerns about home maintenance and upkeep.

However, there’s more to making the move than selling your home and calling the movers. Like most Life Plan Communities, Kendal at Lexington has a qualification process to ensure that they are a good fit for residents, and that Kendal provides them with the quality of life and care appropriate for them.

The Qualification Process at Kendal at Lexington

At first glance, it can seem like an arduous process to qualify for residency. Prospective residents are given a package of information including a questionnaire about their expectations and concerns around moving into a new community, a financial questionnaire, and a medical questionnaire.

While the financial review is part of the process and covered in detail in this previous post, the medical review process is equally important.

Kendal at Lexington is modeled to support people who are older who can live independently with the idea that they may need more skilled care in the future. Known as a “Lifecare” plan, the monthly fee prevents a spike in care expenses if the resident would need to move from independent living to assisted living or nursing care in the future. Older adults find this an attractive option to controlling what could be devastating medical costs if they were to age in place and then need advanced care.

Why a Medical Review?

Living in one of Kendal’s apartments or standalone cottages is, independent living. Though Kendal offers a dining plan and many other amenities and services, residents often also cook their own meals, travel, and socialize without any medical monitoring. For many of Kendal’s residents, they enjoy classes and activities offered on and off campus, shopping, dining out, and traveling (Please note that this has been limited due to COVID precautionary measures).

The primary purpose of the medical review is to determine if indeed a resident can live independently.

In addition to a questionnaire regarding health and wellbeing, prospective residents will be required to visit their doctor who will complete a comprehensive Kendal health form, provide medical records for the past 12 months and be evaluated by Kendal’s health admission team. (Please note: While evaluations were previously held in person, Kendal also currently offers virtual appointments while health precautions are in place.)

This evaluation is a discussion between the nurse and prospective resident to review their medical history, and conduct a cognitive screening and other diagnostics, and answer any questions.

Timely Move-in and Availability

While it may seem like a lengthy process, the process can move quickly. Prospective residents are encouraged to complete the paperwork promptly as their apartment or cottage is prepped. And while some may feel anxious about going through this type of personal review, by the end, many actually say they  appreciate meeting with the health review team to discuss questions, concerns and learn more about the health services offered.

In some situations, a potential resident can pre-qualify if there is a reason to do so.

Other quick facts about Kendal at Lexington:

Average move-in age of independent living resident is 74

Average age of independent living resident is 82

Number of cottages on campus: 95

Number of apartments on campus: 55

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