The Future of Personal Wellness & Fitness Programming

For many Kendal at Lexington residents, the Fitness Center and the opportunity to take classes, swim laps or workout on equipment is about more than simply staying healthy.

“The Fitness Center is a positive place for residents,” Health and Fitness Program Manager Victoria Forman says. “As residents move in and they begin to come to classes, the center becomes a place for social connection that helps them get plugged in at Kendal.”

Of course, aside from the social connections, the Fitness Center also aims to have a positive effect on residents’ health and wellness. “A primary goal for the department is to provide opportunities for residents to live actively and independently for as long as possible,” Victoria says. To achieve this, the department provides well-rounded programs designed to fit six components.

Six Components Include:

  1. Aerobic fitness
  2. Strength training
  3. Balance training
  4. Flexibility and mobility
  5. Mind and body
  6. Overall wellness

Together with Health and Wellness Program Manager Kristen McCabe, who brings a strong yoga and Pilates background to Kendal, Victoria says they are hoping to expand the fitness center’s class and program offerings soon — especially as new residents begin moving into the Sunrise Ridge Cottages.

New Residents and New Programs

Once the Sunrise Ridge Cottages are completed this fall through next spring, Kendal at Lexington’s resident population will increase by nearly 25 percent. Incoming residents recently took a survey on their fitness & wellness interests and goals. The results have provided important insight for the department to know where to best focus their efforts to accommodate new and existing residents.

In fact, all the 42 new residents who completed the survey responded that they plan to use the center, with nearly 86 percent planning to use it “regularly.” With this information in mind, Victoria says they expect a 40 percent increase in overall fitness center use and a 50 percent increase in group exercise participation.

“In addition to the regular feedback we already receive, we will also be conducting a survey of current residents, so we can incorporate information about what our current residents think is working or what they’d like to see added,” Victoria says.

Focus on Strength, Stretch and Overall Mind/Body Wellness

Due in part to this enthusiasm and to the dedication of current residents, Victoria says they will be adding more strength class offerings, but with a slightly different format for residents to choose from. Additionally, residents can look for more yoga and Pilates classes, with the possibility for different levels of yoga to be offered as well.

Victoria says she expects strength, yoga and Pilates classes to continue to be the most popular choices for Kendal residents. “Strength is a foundational component of fitness that keeps our residents active in their lives, plus yoga and Pilates keeps them functional and helps them move well and stay injury-free,” she says. “More people are realizing the importance of a well-rounded program that looks at both of these components.”

Director of Resident Services, Karen Jackson, also adds “We are pleased that our Vitalize 360 (V360) program will be re-energized this year with a corporate gathering focused on the coaching component of V360 and ways to further support residents.” V360 is a program focused on the entire well-being of a person (a 360 view) and encourages residents to consider all aspects of their lives including health, nutrition, physical and mental fitness, community activity, social connections, spirituality and lifelong learning. “Kristen McCabe will be the lead coach for V360 and will be initiating some new activities focused on engaging V360 participants in new and meaningful ways.”

Potential New Additions?

Already underway or completed are renovations to the shower rooms, pool area and investment in new equipment for the workout room.

Beyond new classes, the department is also planning to increase the number of off-campus hikes. “We just took a group on a wildflower walk two weeks ago, and this summer we’re planning to walk Chessie Trail and take a group to Lake Robertson to hike there,” Victoria says. New residents identified organized hikes as the top program they were interested in — with nearly 67 percent interest — so more hiking opportunities are definitely on the horizon.

“We’re looking at organizing some walking groups on campus, either led by Kristen and me or a resident,” Victoria says. “We’ve also had a lot of interest in ping pong, which we’ve had in the past, so we’re looking at organizing a group for that as well.” Other ideas the department is exploring include boxing, chair volleyball, aqua yoga and extending dance class offerings.  Plus, Victoria and Kristen have plans to attend two upcoming conferences where they hope to discover more new programming.

With such an active community, it’s no surprise that the future of wellness at Kendal has so much excitement in store. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more updates from Victoria and Kristen as they finalize future plans.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about our fitness programs? Call 888-467-6115 for more information or reach out to a member of the Resident Wellness Committee.


Fitness Center Manager and Instructor Victoria Forman
Health and Fitness Manager Victoria Forman


Health and Wellness Manager Kristen McCabe
Health and Wellness Manager Kristen McCabe