What Residents Are Saying About Kendal at Lexington

Every new resident comes to Kendal at Lexington with a unique story and varying priorities. For some residents, that might mean building meaningful relationships and socializing. For others, it might mean a focus on lifelong learning and getting involved with planning activities that suit their passions. Or, it might be as simple as finding the exact right way to decorate their new living space.

But don’t take our word for it — let’s hear from a few Kendal residents about how they’ve made their new community their own. Below are excerpts from video interviews posted on the website of residents highlighting their experiences.


Take Winifred Hart, for example. From the moment she moved into her cottage, she felt instantly welcomed. “We make friends here,” she says. “I mean, who thinks in your 80s or your 70s that you’re going to make close friends? Well, you do!”

In fact, Winifred went to Italy with one of her fellow residents, who asked her to take the trip on a whim one day.  “And we came back better friends that we’d started out. It was great,” she says.

The ease of forming close relationships with other residents is especially important for those recently widowed. For Dianne Herrick, the death of her husband was a turning point in her decision to move to Kendal at Lexington. “My husband died in 2012 and I found that there was kind of a hole at the house, and I really didn’t care for the hole,” she says. When she learned that the type of apartment she wanted had become available, she jumped on the opportunity.

And, even though Dianne was a Lexington local and already knew people in the area and at Kendal, she’s enjoyed meeting new people. “I am so glad that I’m here, because I am having a really good, stimulating time,” she says. “I really value having a chance at this point in life to meet new friends.”

Lifelong Learning

 Of course, one of the best ways to make new friendships in the Kendal community is by getting involved. Many residents come to Kendal after retiring from very active careers and lifestyles — and just because they’re moving to a retirement community doesn’t mean they’re ready to slow down.

“My life has been pretty active throughout my entire career,” Don Taebel says. “When I retired, I wanted to keep going that way.”

Don quickly filled his days by joining a group of recorders and multiple singing groups. He was also the chairman of the culture and entertainment committee, and helped plan events for the Kendal and greater Lexington community.

“Those were really enriching things,” he says. “It really was a home away from home in a way, because all the things I’d been used to were here — and then some.”

Staying active was also important to Bill Russell, who was the president of his golf club in Florida before moving to Kendal at Lexington. “One of the attractions that got me here — and it was being built when I moved in — was a full service gym. I spend every other morning there working on weights,” he says.

In fact, Bill says he was pleasantly surprised to discover just how energetic the community at Kendal is on a daily basis. “It’s an active, intelligent bunch of people, rather than a whole group sitting around waiting for the end,” he says.

Pat Irons stays active and social by participating in “Wine and Conversation” get-togethers every Tuesday, where residents trade off hosting small cocktail parties. “The idea is to just get the residents together and talk about where you’ve been, where are you going next, what are you doing, what’s going on in your life,” Pat says. “It’s just wonderful.”

Customized Living Spaces

 However, as thriving of a community as Kendal at Lexington may be, it’s also important to feel comfortable and content in your own home. For many residents, this is especially challenging after the change and stress of downsizing.

That’s why Dianne chose to work with a decorator to make her living space feel like her own — and she couldn’t be happier with the end result. Even though she knew the floor plan was what she wanted, going the extra mile to ensure the paint and décor matched her tastes made all the difference. “I love the size of my apartment. I love the colors of my apartment. And I love that my apartment is at Kendal,” she says.

The same was true for Pat and her late husband, who waited to move to Kendal until the Sycamore Lane cottages were ready so Pat could continue with her gardening passion. “We just love the floor plan of our cottage. It’s just ideal,” she says. Now, she has a comfortable 2,000 square feet of living space and feels their home fits her perfectly.

For each resident, making a home at Kendal is a unique and individual endeavor. Luckily, the people, activities and varied floor plans make it easy to create a lifestyle that suits your interests and needs.

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