New Resident Testimonials Offer Genuine Glimpse of Life at Kendal

In four new videos, residents of Kendal at Lexington share in their own heartfelt words why they chose to live in this community and what they love most about it.

Alternating between residents commenting candidly in their own cottages or apartments (some with beloved pets by their side) and engaging in the community with friends and activities, the videos are vibrant portraits of real people living their best lives.

Dorothy, a former Peace Corps member, was first attracted to Kendal’s resident-run library, in which she is shown joyfully perusing its many books. She speaks of the intellectual stimulation offered at Kendal and the ample lifelong education opportunities.

“But what I enjoy the most,” she says,” is that I can walk out of my apartment and be in a beautiful courtyard and look at the sun rise over the mountains and the moon set, all at the same time.” The idyllic image she paints is followed by a scene of her enjoying a glass of wine with friends on a spacious outdoor deck, mountains on the horizon.

For Anita and Edward, who sampled the restaurants and stores of Lexington before they moved into their cottage, being a valued part of both the Kendal and outside community is key.

The two are shown enjoying a game of volleyball with other residents and, later, gathering plastic to be recycled into benches. An environmental enthusiast, Anita was quick to join Kendal’s sustainability committee. Edward earnestly expresses his appreciation for the committee of residents and staff that was formed in response to Covid. “The impact on residents was that we felt a lot safer.”

Bob and Suetta smile brightly as they discuss all there is to love about Kendal. According to Bob, what draws residents first are its physical assets, including their spacious walk-in closet into which viewers are invited.

“But ultimately,” he says, “the biggest plus is the culture of the community.”

Suetta agrees, adding that rather than being intimidated by highly educated fellow residents, “We have more friends than we’ve ever had.” From those new friends, they have learned more about gardening, a shared passion they exhibit in tending to the lovely flowers and plants outside their cottage.

“It’s like a college campus,” says Pam of the myriad things to do at Kendal – all within a few short steps. Among them is swimming, a new skill she learned from Suetta, who is featured alongside Pam in Kendal’s sunlit indoor pool. Pam’s husband, Jim, shows off his cooking skills, first in their private kitchen and then at their table enjoying a meal with friends.

“Pam paints – that’s her art,” he says, as the camera settles on his wife at an easel. “My art, we eat,” he quips. Adds Pam, “One of the nicest things I have found here is the ease with which you can continue to learn.”

Meet our featured residents and catch a glimpse of the Kendal experience today!