Meet the Culinary Team’s New Robot Helper

Kendal at Lexington has begun programming and testing a new service robot designed to increase efficiencies and enhance dining service in the main dining room and, if all goes well, in the Restaurant once it opens.

The “Servi” robot, created by Bear Robotics, is a three-tier food runner that can help with the food delivery and bussing tables. The Kendal at Lexington Culinary Team has named the robot “Alfredo” or Al or Alf for short. 😊 This robotic waiter also operates in the dining areas of Kendal on Hudson and The Admiral at the Lake.

The robot can hold up to 66 pounds and has a battery life of eight to 12 hours. The plan is to start utilizing the bussing function during two shifts in Anderson and also in the Borden and Webster Centers. Loaded up with used dishes, “Alfredo” will make runs back and forth from the aisles of the Anderson dining room to the dish area. As the team tests and learns, functionality can be expanded.

The robot helper will not replace staff or person-to-person interaction and service.

Stop by the main dining room to check out this cool, new tech.

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Alfredo the servi robot