Lexington Named One of Virginia's Safest Cities

Lexington was recently named one of Virginia’s safest cities by Safewise.com, a leading source for home security and safety information. The list of the 30 safest cities in Virginia was compiled using FBI Crime Report data including violent crimes and property crimes. The goal of the report is to help citizens determine “what is the chance of crime happening to me or my loved ones?”

For those of us living in Lexington, it’s no surprise that our historic city made the list of safest cities in Virginia. This is still a place where people watch out for each other and you actually get to know your neighbors. You can expect people on the street to smile and say hello. You’ll see neighborhood kids selling lemon aid on the corner of Jackson Street. The city of Lexington offers the sense of community and security that is often absent in today’s hectic world. Lexington is an ideal place for families, professionals and retirees.