Keeping It Clean at Kendal at Lexington

Your retirement should be a time of enjoyment, socialization and relaxation. When you join the Kendal community, we want your time to be your own, to spend however you like. That’s why we’re committed to taking small inconveniences off your plate — like housekeeping.

Every Kendal at Lexington resident receives biweekly housekeeping services as part of their resident agreement. While cleaning services are optional and residents can choose to decline, the following services are available every other week:

  • Thorough bathroom cleaning, including toilet, tub/shower, sink, mirror, fixtures, countertops and floors
  • Thorough kitchen cleaning, including stove, sink, countertops, backsplash, microwave, exterior cabinets and appliances, and floors
  • Bedroom dusting and vacuuming
  • Dusting and vacuuming in additional living areas
  • Patio sweeping and wipe down of fixtures
  • Entrance sweeping and window frame wipe down
  • Additional spot clean as needed

In addition to these biweekly services, residents can also currently opt for semi-annual heavy cleaning services and additional services as needed, like carpet cleaning.

Introducing Kendal’s New Housekeeping Supervisor

Recently, long-time Kendal employee Lena Dates was promoted to housekeeping supervisor and, together with her team of 14 housekeepers, she’s hoping to make some positive changes in her new role — including establishing more personal relationships between residents and their housekeepers.

“I love it,” she says. “I always say it’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

In fact, Lena says it’s having the chance to interact with the residents that makes her job so special. “If you would ask any of the housekeepers, they would tell you that they do it for the residents because they love interacting with them,” she says. “That’s why I wanted to do the housekeeping initially, because it put me one-on-one with the residents.”

And while there are standard cleaning offerings included, Lena says the housekeeping staff aims to please and residents should always feel comfortable asking for what they need. “We have an open door policy where they can just call me if they need something special done,” she says. “We might not be able to do it at that time, but we will make time to do it. There’s nothing we cannot do to accommodate you.”

Clean Homes, Happy Residents

For resident Melou Piegari, finding out that housekeeping services were included at Kendal was a pleasant surprise. “It was one of the little perks we didn’t realize at first, “she says. “It’s definitely a relief not to have to worry about it.”

Melou and her husband, George, are long-time Lexington residents and outsourced their housecleaning before moving to Kendal, so it was a process they were familiar with. Melou says she’s been happy with the flexibility Kendal offers in their services — for instance, she requested that her housekeepers use her vacuum and they were happy to comply.

Plus, Melou is quick to agree that the admiration the housekeepers have for the residents goes both ways. “They’re very reliable,” she says. “We’re very comfortable having them come in and out while we’re gone.”

Above all, the biggest priority for housekeeping services at Kendal is to ensure residents are happy and comfortable in their homes.

“We love our residents,” Lena says.

To learn more about life at Kendal, call 888-467-6115 for more information.