November 16, 2021

Dear Family and Friends of Kendal,

Let’s celebrate…Borden is opening visitation!

According to newly established CMS guidelines, Borden will no longer be requiring families to schedule visits. We are returning to normal unrestricted visitation effective immediately.

We do ask that each visitor continue to stop at the temperature station and get a visitor’s pass from the screening machine. We also ask that all visitors continue to wear a mask when you are around other residents or Borden staff regardless of vaccination status. And please, review our updated visitation guidelines posted at the temp station.

Borden does not have set visitation hours. We do ask that families/friends to be considerate of our other residents’ privacy and right to quiet time. The Borden Center doors will be locked from 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. for the safety of our staff and residents. To gain access, there is  a doorbell located in the foyer of the Borden main entrance.

Please contact either of us with questions or concerns.


Karen and Brandy

Karen Jackson, Health Services Administrator

Brandy Hostetter, Director of Nursing