Another service available at Kalex . . . transportation

To make life convenient and fun for Kendal at Lexington residents, transportation is provided to many local and out-of-town appointments and events. Free rides to local medical appointments, the grocery and drugstore, voting, and some local churches can be scheduled easily by signing up or by contacting the receptionist. 

Out of Town

Noting that some medical specialists are close by but not in Lexington, trips for out-of-town medical appointments are available for an additional fee.  The cost depends upon the location and length of time required for the appointment.

Vehicles and Staff

Kendal maintains a “stable” of vehicles to provide transportation service to residents, currently made up of two buses (one with a wheelchair lift), two minivans (one wheelchair appropriate), one sedan, and one SUV.   Two full-time and two part-time drivers are on staff, and should additional drivers be needed, several members of the maintenance staff are approved to drive KaLex vehicles.

residents sitting on bus

How About the Fun?

All of the above is helpful, but the favorite purpose for bus trips is the fun stuff!  Trips to local concerts, plays, restaurants, and special events are scheduled regularly.  Taking the bus provides an opportunity to hang out with friends (remember taking the bus as a kid?) . . . no worries about having to walk a long way after struggling to find a parking spot . . . and an automatic designated driver for those special occasions!

Everyone is Included

Webster Center Assisted Living and Borden Health Center residents are also scheduled for trips off-campus to area attractions and events.  Picnics at Lake Robertson, tours of the Safari Park, and outings to Boxerwood Gardens, for example, are coordinated by the Activities professionals on staff, allowing less-mobile residents a chance to get out and “do their thing!”

If You Shouldn’t Be Driving

On a more serious note, sometimes transportation needs can become a real obstacle for folks.  Caroline Bridges and her husband, Tom, have lived at KaLex since 2008.  Recently they realized that it was time to give up their car – a very difficult decision to make!  But Caroline reports that, “Kendal’s transportation service has made the transition a lot easier.  The friendly, courteous drivers take us where we need to go– doctor and dental appointments, shopping, voting, our accountant’s and lawyer’s offices.  It enables us, as active people, to continue an active lifestyle and remain a part of the larger community we live in.”

Transportation:  One more good reason to consider a Lifeplan Community!