Sunrise Ridge Boys
Sunrise Ridge Boys

“I went to a dance class and came home in a garage band!” exclaimed Bruce King.  Bruce lives on Sunrise Ridge and plays rhythm guitar and does vocals in the Kendal at Lexington homegrown band, the Sunrise Ridge Boys.  Focusing on country, blues, and a little folk music, the members began getting together to have fun, learn music, and entertain – and seem to be doing all of that!

How did they get started?

Call it karma, luck, kismet, what-have-you, but when Bruce started attending the line dancing class at the fitness center, it turned out that Tom and Karen Whaley (who were soon to become his new neighbors) were teaching the class.  AND, as it happens, Tom plays the mandolin (and harmonica and accordion).  Well, the two of them started talking about music and after Tom moved in, they decided to meet in Tom’s garage to play together.  It wasn’t long before Bob Bradish, another Sunrise Ridge resident, joined in on vocals and rhythm guitar. 

The group is rounded out by Frank Fabry, an accomplished violinist playing fiddle and Pat Mayerchak who apparently can play any instrument he wants – currently the guitar, bass, and keyboard.  Both Frank and Pat moved into Sunrise Ridge cottages after the group formed and were happy to join in the fun.

The guys come with a variety of musical experience and have a great time playing together and learning new music. 

The first concert and more

The first event after COVID restrictions were loosened was a performance by the Sunrise Ridge Boys.  To say that it was well-received is an understatement!  “The warm reception we received from fellow residents at our concerts has really encouraged us to keep working on our music and expanding our repertoire.  We love hearing folks sing along; it’s been so rewarding,” says Bruce. 

The group has also performed at the Borden Health Center and Webster Assisted Living Center, and recently had a hot concert in Kendal Hall for everyone.  “The guys are an engaging group that keeps getting better and better,” said Lad Sessions after attending the event.  “They have a range of talents, both vocally and instrumentally, and they sing and play pleasant music.”  All the Sunrise Ridge Boys Groupies look forward to the next concert!!!