Reed in garage

In January of 2020, Kendal at Lexington welcomed Reed Belden to the newest development on campus, Sunrise Ridge Circle.  Reed lives in a charming two-bedroom duplex cottage overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Brand New

This cottage is a 1600 square foot open-concept space with a large kitchen and bay window breakfast nook, an open and expansive living and dining room area, 2 bedrooms, laundry room, 2 full bathrooms, a fully enclosed four-season sunroom and an enlarged one-car garage.  Due to being part of this new development during the planning stages, Reed was able to pick various elements of his cottage such as dark cherry wood kitchen cabinetry (with added soffits), white solid surface countertop, honey colored hardwood floors, and neutral paint colors.  Reed’s choices all work in harmony to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Sunrise Ridge

When building these cottages, each resident was given the option to convert their patio space into an enclosed sunroom with huge windows and a vaulted ceiling. Reed knew he needed another area for his office, and this sunny spot was perfect.  Reed is a well-known Lexington and Rockbridge County historian, so he uses this office to write detailed historical pieces about Lexington and the surrounding area, and now, each month, the for the residents’ newsletter Connections.  Reed’s latest article in Connections was an intriguing story about the watermills in Rockbridge County.  Did you know that there is still one historic mill operating in Rockbridge County?  This mill is the Kennedy-Wades Mill and it was built by Captain Joseph Kennedy in 1750.  There is always something to learn from his stories! 

Along with writing, Reed knew he wanted to continue his other passions at Kendal, such as building wooden picture frames.  To continue this hobby, Reed removed closet doors in the garage creating a perfect space for his woodworking bench and many tools. He can even create a larger work area by spreading out two sawhorses with a board on top.  Although there is a full community woodworking workshop available to residents, he knew he wanted to continue this work in his own space. His garage space, being so large, enables him to park his car and have a small workshop. 

Made with Love

There are other decorations that truly make his cottage a home.  Among them are two beautiful pieces created by his late wife, Sue.  The first piece, gracing his entrance, is a hand-stitched quilt. The quilt features pretty pinks, red and blues and looks perfect above a rustic wooden table. The second piece is a detailed oil painting of a snowy landscape he once knew well.  Although Reed has lived in the Lexington area since 1993, he still considers himself a true Nebraskan and Sue’s painting is a beautiful reminder of their home there.

Reed tends to stay busy each day involving himself in many non-profits, playing bridge, or doing his latest historical research.  Reed says, “My cottage is the perfect place to come home to, and Kendal is the perfect place to live.”