A new organization is emerging in which some KaLex residents are playing a modest role.  The “All Kendal Residents’ Climate Initiative” is a good name, even if does generate an awkward acronym, AKRCI.  Of particular note is its emphasis on the organization’s independence from Kendal’s corporate being, whether at KCorp level or any affiliate.

AKRCI aspires to offer a platform for elder people who wish to express their concerns about the environment more effectively than they could individually, especially concerning the threat posed by climate change.  AKRCI is currently comprised of several dozen residents from quite a few of the Kendal affiliates, including Ted Burrowes, Susie Lynch, Sandra Stuart, and I from KaLex.

Now in the process of registering as an NGO, AKRCI will purposefully operate independently, and would not act or speak on behalf of Kendal.  This will, among other things, protect Kendal’s 501(c)3 status if AKRCI were to become involved in advocacy or lobbying.

The Zoom meetings take place on alternate Thursday mornings.  If you would be interested in knowing more, feel free to contact one of us.

– – by Resident Bill Schellstede for Connections December 2020