Getting to Know Our Webster Assisted Living Center

Terrific staff:

Sybil Adams is the Resident Services
Coordinator for the Webster assisted living
Center. As such she is involved with the health
of the residents and also works with the families,
doctors, and any special care providers that the
residents might need. She follows residents
through the transition to Webster, and advocates
for them at the end of life.

Sybil Adams
Sybil Adams

Sybil has been with KaLex for 11 years.
Seven years were full time in Borden, and now
her time is divided between Webster, Borden, and
Independent Living residents. When asked why
she likes working in Webster, Sybil cites the
person-centered care, with each person entitled to
respect as an individual. Listening to Sybil
clearly shows that is the way she treats each
individual. She likes to really know each resident
one-on-one and to know the families, too.

What determines a move to Webster?

A very detailed process involves a Resident Care
Committee comprised of representatives from
social work, nursing (Cathy Lewis and Beverly
Nedrow), administration (Charlotte Sibold),
dining, therapy, marketing, and housekeeping.

They first try to come up with solutions so a
person can safely remain in independent living as
long as possible. Safety of the resident is vital.
But maybe help with medications or therapy
services, or extra help for the individual can
prolong the stay in independent living. The key
is the extent to which the resident is able to
handle the activities of daily living. The decision
is made with a great deal of thought by everyone,
including families and the resident.
Webster has 20 studio apartments.


Webster Interior Reno
Webster Interior Reno

Expansion and Renovation

During construction, only twelve are currently
occupied. The staff keeps enough apartments available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for possible short term independent
living residents. At least two caregivers are
always on duty in Webster. One has to be a
registered medical technician to handle the meds.
Both are certified nursing assistants.
Right now, Webster is undergoing a big
renovation. The new addition will be devoted to
added common living spaces — a new dining
room, living room, activities room, and an
outdoor garden with a covered porch, but no new
apartments. Those with memory problems will
be able to walk around in a loop, even going into
the outdoor space without worry. The apartments
will all be renovated during the process, and
several of the apartments on the Anderson
courtyard will have their balconies converted to
enclosed four season sunrooms.

Sybil loves her new space in the blue hall but
still misses her little closet-like office in Webster,
where residents could easily stop to chat.

— Doreen Folzenlogen (resident)

Originally published in the December 2019 Connections Resident Newsletter