Susie in her Kendal cottage

After native Texan Susie moved in July 2017 to Kendal at Lexington, she dove right into becoming a part of the Kendal community. As a retired reporter and editor, it comes naturally to her to sit down and get to know new people. “I came to learn and be surrounded by some amazing, interesting people,” when asked why she chose Kendal. Also, being at Kendal has helped her rediscover some of her passions, such as singing.

Now that she’s been a Kendal resident for 2 years, what is a typical day like for her? Well, no one day is like another!

Avid birder, Susie on Kendal's grounds
Avid birder, Susie, checks bluebird boxes.

Mornings: Susie starts many mornings with breakfast in the dining hall, and works to keep fit with swimming, Strength & Stretch and Senior Balance classes. An avid birder, she spends some mornings with Renate Chapman checking the nests and eggs in the bluebird boxes behind Sycamore Lane homes on Kendal property. Sometimes she likes to go into Lexington for coffee and a Danish at Sweet Treats and browse titles at the Bookery.

Afternoons: Susie is involved in several Kendal committees. A passionate environmentalist, she serves on the Sustainability and Horticulture Committees and the Resource Protection Task Group. “We need to do whatever possible as individuals and communities to conserve resources.” Off campus she volunteers in election years to register voters and is a new member of 50 Ways Rockbridge. Every two weeks, she has a voice lesson. In the 2019-2020 season she rehearses weekly with the Rockbridge Choral Society for two concerts.

Evenings: Susie loves the concerts, musicals and plays held at Kendal, W&L, VMI and other venues. “The choices and scope of educational and cultural opportunities here are staggering.” She also pursues her passion for singing by attending “Open Mike Night” at Rocca, or listening to jazz piano at Haywood’s. A true music lover, she loves the classics, rock & roll, standards, show tunes and mellow jazz. A good foreign film, a classic 30’s-40’s movie or a good mystery is Susie’s choice for a quiet night at home.

In talking about her life at Kendal, Susie has given high praise to the Kendal staff. From the Housekeeping team, to Maintenance, the Dining staff and Administration, she thinks they all do a wonderful job helping residents with a ready hand, courtesy and lots of smiles. In looking back at her decision to come to Kendal, she says, “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”