Auditing Courses at Washington & Lee University

One of the reasons that many of us decided to spend our retirement years here is KaLex’s stated commitment “to promote an environment of continuing learning.”  Our rich environment includes trips to local historical and/or recreational venues, and informative lectures right here on campus.  However, did you know that you also have the opportunity to audit classes just 5 minutes away at Washington and Lee?  All it takes is an e-mail or telephone call to ask the instructor’s permission.

The course lists are on line at: and may be filtered by using the drop-down boxes at the top of the list.

My personal opinion is that it’s great fun to go back to school and challenge your mind at this stage of life, especially without worrying about taking tests and writing research papers.  In addition, spending time with all those engaged, impressive young men and women gives you hope for the future of our country.

Karen Russell (Adapted from article originally published in the Connections Residents’ Newsletter, September 2019)