To lead off, here’s a bit about Robert Ayers.

He has been with KaLex for eleven years and his job title is General Maintenance.  At Rockbridge High School, he took several courses in the trades as well as agriculture.  He especially enjoyed the four years he spent in automobile technology.  He would like to make more use of that knowledge here at KaLex.

As soon as he graduated from high school, he grabbed a job at KaLex in the Borden Center dining  services area, where he remained for five years.  When an opening occurred in Maintenance, he snatched it and loves the work.  His motto is, “If you don’t love what you do, you can’t do it.”

At present, Robert is  very busy with his family and large property but someday he’d like to be certified in electrical.

Hunter is his nine-year-old son and he would absolutely want Hunter to follow the vocational program at RHS.  He feels there will always be a need for the trades.  The family is close.  Santana is his wife, on whom he has been sweet since age fourteen.                                                                      ▶︎

Deer hunting on his private property is fun in the Fall while trout fishing is a great sport he can share with Hunter as he learns to cast.  But his favorite activity is riding ATVs with his boy.

Robert sold all his exercise equipment when he started in Maintenance, as he keeps very fit on the job.  He’s just thirty so his joints are still in good shape.  He does not sit around watching TV at all but keeps very busy in the home and on the land.  In fact, his hours of 7:00-3:30 are perfect for getting all of the work done on the farm.

His job satisfaction comes from helping residents and creating peace of mind for us, plus he likes his co-workers, the pay, the job security and the bonuses!

Thank you, Robert!

– – Kay Quirk