Work continues on the campus-wide KaLex residents WiFi system rollout.  The new system is installed and in test phase, with three or more residents having completed the initial connection in their residences.  Residents Wick and Laura Walker report: “It is exciting to see the system actually fielded and to be part of the testing.  Activation was painless, and it seems to function more smoothly than Kendal Guest.  There are still a few details to iron out before it will be a ‘full service’ system, including the security certificate necessary to connect to systems with financial links.  Nevertheless, we’re off and running …!”

As soon as the final technical aspects are sorted out, Mark Christensen will be contacting residents to determine if they wish this new  system to be installed for their devices, and to gather information about what devices they currently use.  While most computing devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) will function automatically, users with WiFi connected printers will need to change those devices’ configurations to work with the KaLex residents’ ISP.  Mark and his staff will assist with this task if requested.

Stay tuned for further updates on this and other internet upgrades now in the planning stage.

– – John South (for the Residents User Group)