Jen Sobezynski is this month’s featured Kendal cook. Jen is like a fleeting sparrow, small and fast. She has helped with breakfasts while Sharon was out, but she primarily does soup prep, and she enjoys making salads and vegetarian entrees. Her specialty is an alfredo sauce.She is not a vegetarian, but her early experience at the Blue Heron, a former Lexington vegetarian restaurant, opened her eyes and awakened her taste buds.

Other kitchen jobs in her resume include Salernos and two fraternities. She was a little worried about working at Kendal for fear that it would be a boring bland job, and was pleased to discover that we Kendal residents have educated and discerning palates. As many of us have done over the years she turns to the standards, Joy of Cooking, and Eat Well, Stay Well, plus the internet, of course, for inspira-tion for new dishes. She finds the hardest part of the job is timing, which is especially important for the Borden residents because of their medications schedules. ►

Jen doesn’t cook at home (she lives in Fairfield), preferring to spend her time there in the garden.
When on a road trip, she has been known to stop at Taco Bell, Arby’s, or Mo’s, but here at home she feels she has much better choices. A favorite spot is the Blue Phoenix on Washington Street, and for fine dining she chooses the Red Hen where she knows some of the staff.

Her favorite TV chef is Jamie Oliver, who is on YouTube and Netflix these days. She’d most like to cook a meal for her mother, who lives in Tennessee.

Written by resident Kay Quirk